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– Fuck, from Santa
Monica, California, right? I mean he was ground zero, like he changed the face of it all. Mr. Natas Kaupas. (upbeat music) ♪ Side note ♪ ♪ Everybody in this
town wants to get down ♪ – When he first showed up, he couldn’t do an axle
stall on a quarter pipe, and he forever changed
the face of skateboarding. (“IMG. 1247” by White Limo) Early board slides down rails. Fucking wall rides.
Crazy fucking wall rides. Super high ollies. The
dude could snap an ollie. I mean he was fucking
amazing is what he was. He did dumbfoundingly hard things, before anybody even had the capacity to dream of
skateboarding like that. You know, it was literally
like watching a magician. I mean, whatever, you get down to it, and ground zero is Natas and Gonz. Skateboarding was one way, and then there’s Natas and Gonz, and literally overnight the
entire landscape changed, and everything that is
modern day skateboarding, you can trace it back to Natas’s
feet, and to Mark’s feet. It was baffling, we’ve
never seen anything like it. You gotta love Natas man. You know, just mind bogglingly good. I don’t know what else to say really.

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  1. No joke! Hey fatso? Remember trying to wall ride off a jump ramp in the 80's? It's fucken impossible!? Right?! Show the guy failing to pull the backside 360 air 30 times in the Gordon & Smith video at the Dish in San Francisco!?

  2. 0:55 I had that board when i was 12 with gullwing trucks and slimeball wheels with NMB and NSK bearings thats a blast from the past for me then i snaped it then went full on bmx and never looked back

  3. Saw Natas once here in New Jersey. He skated a demo at a long gone shop called Earth Surfer. Too watch this guy do what he did in person was,as Grosso said,mind boggling. Plus he was totally cool and hung with us locals afterward. Way ahead of his time.

  4. There's an ice cream shop in my hometown with two of those cows out front, spent countless hours trying to ollie them and the things still show the battle wounds to this day.

  5. In an age when parks had closed and magazines were filled with footage from backyard ramps, those of us with only a launch ramp and a curb within a 2 hour drive would scan Thrasher for images of streetskating. Often it was only a passing mention in an interview or article. Gonz and Natas were like unicorns. By the time videos started showing up, they were legendary and the comment "Natas could ollie that" was said around the world.

  6. Skateboarding owes Natas so much, one of the most important innovators and early inspiration for me personally.

  7. The Ollie over the cow blew my mind. I would always go to surf Ohio and stare at it and wonder how the hell he did it

  8. This was tight. Very big influence on me. Anything he was doing I was doing. Great start to my Thursday morning 🐆

  9. Way too short . Not even 3 min for a skate legend somebody blew it . But inspiring clips were much appreciated

  10. Damn, And here I thought they were all going to be longer now after episode 1 being extended. Would've loved to see an in-depth dive on Natas.

  11. Natas deserves a Letter, not just a Note. Natas was influential in all sorts of ways – he embodies skating's creative side. He drew on his grip, others' grip, and did graphics for people before starting 101. He wore band t-shirts rather than his sponsors' t-shirts to expose people to great bands. He had the first signature skateshoe. Invented the Wallie and countless ollie variations. Became a graphic artist and lead creative at a bunch of surf and skate-related media places. The Note is nice. A Letter is better.

  12. omg, you guys totally forgot the ollie out of the hurricane grind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In season 20, do another natas one and put it in , please, thanks,!

  13. Hey man , you owe him a 12_ pack ! Dude killer harvest!!😎 Come to the pipe , in Santa Cruz, under the freeway?,. I'll be there,.

  14. Skating was special in the late 80's..
    So much innovation.. Shuv-it's & curb dancing was a lot more fun to me then what followed with the Tre flips and kickflip into everything. im part of both eras but had more fun with the 80's part 4 sure… Id say my skating today @ 45 year sold is more like my 1988 style but without the sketch I had then..
    I think 99% of 40 year old rippers today effortlessly destroyed sketch from their skating.

    *Natas Foot injury was brutal.. I blame the evil board graphic ;D
    Dude was popular af 1 day then the next he was gone and stayed gone.

  15. The first Thrasher I ever saw was the September '84 issue with Natas on the cover. It is a cliche to say, but it completely changed my life. Just, BAM, guess what, anything is possible. Those limits don't exist. Skateboards go up.

  16. It's just not right that major injuries ended the careers of the two best skaters of all time Natas, and Cardiel. No justice in this world. Legends Never Die.

  17. Very short but two quotes tell you everything you need to know. "Skating was one way, and then there's Natas and Gonz and literally overnight the entire landscape changed" and "I don't know what else to say". Pretty much sums it up.

  18. Hey Jeff remember when those super small wheels where the rave in end of eighties/ ninties!!!??on a mid to wide deck for street skating?? I hated them…i kept my red kryptonics going and going.

  19. I picked up street skating with Rob and Natas at a video store in the late 80s, thats how I learned to do no complies and stationary kickflips. 360s off the launcher?? Not so much. lol

  20. I always thought the Firehose song in SoF was ironic as I doubt anyone with have a brain EVER doubted captain Natas' ability

  21. I’ve just gotten back into skating at 41 my decks are all 10 to 20 years old and fucked I want to get 1 of the natas reissue decks but am I going to kill myself on. Something that big I didn’t when I was 11 but I should probably mention I’m skating parks because we didn’t have that shit in Australia when I was skating.

  22. Yea yea 2 mins whatever, they gettn to broke to afford youre hooker addiction? And where the fuck is the man himself???

  23. I was shocked when I finally saw Natas in person, around 99. Dude is big! But he's graceful so you don't notice it when you watch him skate in video………

  24. Remember seeing that shit back in the day??? Still not over it man ..him ,Gonz and Ray Barbee were and are the shit.

  25. born after this era…..looking back……watching his santacruz parts…….man skateboarding defined……i could never be the gonz…….but i could at least pretend im natas when im hauling ass tic tackin around cutty cracks etc. It really teaches you how to appreciate skating and style over trick and spot selection the dude could skate anything and id be mesmerized. And both of them drew graphics man they set the standard so god damn high

  26. When Natas does that HUGE ollie to 5050 on the curb (or whatev, not the point) into the camera's face? Look how fucking HARD he crushes that thing! Look at how much impact that board flexes to absorb!! THAT was Natas! Curb destroya! Anything with a grindable edge must've spoke in hushed, horrified whispers of the BEAST WITH FOUR WHEELS, baby curbs, ledges, and rails crying at night from nightmares of Natas n Gonz grinding them and their families to dust…

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