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[MUSIC] I’ve been doing it since about 1981,
I think. I started in my garage like
I guess a lot of people do. Started doing ding repair
on your surfboards and then I’d strip the board down,
reshaped it, then we had to glass it. That thing turned out horrible so we decided next time we’d
actually buy a blank. [MUSIC] I went through high school, building, had
my little brand, marketing that, making a few hundred surf boards in the garage at
my mom’s house until we grew out of that. [MUSIC] Think about ’87 I came back here and
partnered up with somebody, and we started a glass
shop building boards. [MUSIC] You go do some job and you’re like dude,
I’m really not into this thing. Well, I’m gonna take the day off,
we’ll pass on this one. If somebody comes in here demanding
something, yelling and screaming, belittling my guys, nah,
I don’t wanna do that, sorry. That’s the good thing
about keeping it small. [MUSIC] It’s a great activity, it’s just a lot
of people start surfing and get the bug, and it goes your whole life. I got guys who are 60, 70 years old, are still constantly chasing that next
wave or that next surf adventure. [MUSIC] It’s like an addiction,
but it’s a positive thing. There’s a lot of worse things out
there we could be doing in life. [MUSIC] I do enjoy getting up everyday and
going to make surfboards, I’m not one of those people like,
it’s Monday morning, I gotta go to work. It’s like it’s Monday morning,
I got things to do, I gotta go. You can go to the beach, afterwards
you go to work and make surfboards. It’s not a bad life,
I’d probably do it again. [MUSIC]>>Wasn’t that nice? Subscribe to Super Deluxe for more. [SOUND]

42 thoughts on “Making Surfboards | Nice Content | Tatered”

  1. Some highly tox!c chemicals there..beautiful surfboards, but the red in his and his worker's faces is from those toxic chemical compounds they're pouring on to seal them. I wish them all to be healthy and not get cancer..Amen.

  2. Makes it look easy. It ain't. Video could be 15 minutes with masking, painting, pin lines, fins, fin boxes, leash plugs, clear coat, and polishing and still be interesting. The most exciting part about making surfboards cannot be conveyed in a video and that's the total commitment to perfection required. There are few second chances at any point in a process that passes through a dozen or more very skilled hands. That work takes passion.

  3. What is the music playing during Stoned Mode features? Is there a playlist or some other link? I could listen to it for hours. Super chill, Super Deluxe jam…

  4. So weird how twice over the guy justifies his life. "It's like an addiction but it's healthy", "it's not a bad life, I'd probably do it again", what's going on here?

    Theory 1: the presenter is an actor for super delux telling a story over some unrelated footage of making surfboards

  5. their faces are red from sunburn cuz they are surfers but the polyester resins and mek are pretty bad cuz it is terrible to inhale or get it on your skin,but lot are switching to epoxy lot safer and by the by most everyone i know wears a respirator to do fiberglass except when they are doing videos

  6. One more and im gone ,i dont recommend anyone using polester resin unless they have set up ventilation and use respirators so you guys that dissed Amy need to rethink

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