Mark Wahlberg Was Peer-Pressured into Scuba Diving in a Shark Tank

-I want to ask about this. Because, um,
do you have a scuba background? Because you went to an opening
of an aquarium in Missouri? -Yes. Yeah, Johnny Morris opened
this beautiful wildlife museum. Johhny Morris is the founder
of Bass Pro Shop. -Uh-huh.
-And all of a sudden, George Bush was there,
Jimmy Carter. They´re like, “oh, you want to
get in the shark tank?” I´m like, “no, I don´t want to
get in the shark tank.” They´re like, “no, no, no,
it would be really cool. Get in the shark tank with the
stingrays and everything else.” Next thing you know, I´m diving
in this tank. I mean, I literally just showed
up to say hello. -Uh-huh.
-To show my support for the opening of the museum.
-And there you are. That´s, I guess,
a little stingray, right? -Yeah.
-Although, I don´t mean to say little. If I saw that,
I´d be terrified. -That´s how that guy
Steve Irwin died. -Yeah.
-He got stabbed by a stingray. -I don´t think in, like,
an aquarium, though. [ Laughter ]
-You know what? I don´t think they´re, like, really trainable animals,
either. You know, like, “hey, this one´s
not a stinger.” That´s a stinger right there,
that thing on the back. Yeah, that´s the little thing
that — -No, I think they have to go
through a really — a long training before they let
them in the aquarium. -Well, anyway, I went there.
We´re trying to persuade these guys to do
this Wahlburger partnership, open restaurants in
these Bass Pro Shops. ´cause people go there for,
like, six hours, and they´re like, “yeah, we´re
really into the idea.” But now we´re in a tank, and we
still don´t have a Wahlburgers in a Bass Pro Shop.
[ Laughter ] -Oh, so this was — you saw this
as a business opportunity, and it totally backfired. -You see what I do
to support my brand? Uh, yeah. And didn´t work out quite
the way I had hoped, so… -And was it — did it increase
the pressure to have two ex-presidents watch you get
into a scuba tank? -Oh, they´re all sitting there
just having hors d´oeuvres and cocktails
and looking… Basically paying no attention
to me whatsoever — -Well, I guess that´s
the thing is — -And you can´t really see out.
-Yeah. -You know? And I´m like, “I´ve
got to go somewhere else the same day.”
-Yeah. -And, like, people
just kind of left me. There was one other diver.
And they were just, like, doing these signals.
-[ Laughs ] -And I´m like, “I don´t know
scuba signals.” -Also, you can barely
tell it´s you. So it´s not that exciting to
watch if someone´s like, “ladies and gentlemen,
Mark Wahlberg.” You´d be like,
“that could be anybody.” -Exactly.
-You do get a — which is very surprising to me, because
you´ve been doing this so long and you´re so recognizable. But you do get mistaken for one
actor more than other actors. -Yes.
-You want to tell us who it is? -My fellow Bostonian Matt Damon.
-Yeah. -And by the way, your clip about
all the Boston movies… -Oh…
-Was one of the funniest things I´ve ever seen.
-[ Laughs ] Thank you. -Much better Boston accent than
most of the people in Boston, by the way,
so thank you for that. -Yes, I don´t think
I´m top tier, but I do think I´m better than bottom.
-No, it´s — it´s pretty high. -Yeah.
-It´s pretty high. So anyway, yeah, he gets
recognized, you know, for me and I get recognized for him.
But I never tell people. I never correct anybody.
Somebody comes up and says, “hey, I loved you
in ´The Bourne.´” I´m like, “thank you. I got
another one coming out soon.” And I just keep going.
[ Cheers and applause ] It´s like, I start explaining —
-Yeah. -I didn´t want to apologize.
-Yeah. -They think I´m offended.
I´m not offended at all. Not a problem,
thank you very much. -[ Laughs ]
-I´ll see you later. -You shot some of this movie,
“Daddy´s Home 2,” in Boston. -Yes.
-Is it exciting for you to shoot in Boston?
-No. -Okay.
-Well, like, random people showing up unannounced
and uninvited. No. -Oh, right,
´cause you have such… -But every — yeah, I have
a long history there. You know, it´s nice to be able
to see my mom and stuff. But, you know, like, everybody´s
like, “oh, I love Boston!” Everybody who, like, went to
school to Boston or spent a little time,
spent the summer in Nantucket or on the cape, they love it.
You know, if you´ve been there, you know, there´s a reason why
you wanna — I mean, I love going back. And I
appreciate that I can go back. But I have people from my past,
some of them kind of sketchy that´ll show up unannounced.
Like, my friends were, like, plotting to steal
camera equipment before on “The Perfect Storm.”
And they were like, “wow,
that thing looks expensive.” I´m like, “yeah, it´s like
$250,000.” They´re like, “oh, let´s put it
in the trunk.” [ Laughter ]
I´m like, “who are you going to “sell a Panovision camera to?
You´re going to sell it to “George at the store
for 500 bucks “and a free — free pizza? He´s
not gonna be able to use it. They´re gonna —
they´re gonna catch you.” -I didn´t think of it that way.
That makes a lot of sense. Hey, it´s always great to see
you. Congrats on the film. It´s a pleasure.
-Thanks for having me.

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  1. Oh god. Stop talking nonsense. That is not a "stinger". That is just a tail. The stingy part of the stingray is a separate thing that is cut off on animals in captivity.

  2. This guy is from Boston. Let me tell you something about Bostonians. Bostonians are peer pressured to Jaywalk as young as 2 years old. They learn from peer pressure.

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