#Marriott Aruba Surf Club tour of suite 2612. OneHappy island #Aruba

Welcome people. This is a walking tour of Marriott’s 26:12 timeshare villa suite welcome into our Vacation paradise as you walk in you have an area to put your Keys your things and a beautiful kitchen here to your right fully stocked stainless steel appliances granite countertops New York Mets cooler and NYPD hat sunscreen approved cancer approved hat We have a blender. We have a coffee maker. We have a full stove a Stainless steel dishwasher, of course We aren’t stocked yet, but we have just the essentials water soda cranberry and the most important thing in the freezer Tito’s Cheetos handmade And made baki. Alright as you look straight forward outside the kitchen as a dining room with a chandelier a Big flat-screen TV looks to be about 50 inches. There’s my beautiful bride. Hello wave to everybody and We’re gonna continue the tour living room with a pull-out couch beautiful pictures you got 3 octagon shape Windows that look out to the beautiful ocean Here’s a view from the living room This is paradise. Ladies and gentlemen, there is a door to go out straight and have a breakfast or coffee straight outside and There’s the bedroom. That’s where the magic happens Just to look back from the living room into the dining room Here we are going into the master suite There is a beautiful big king-size bed. Oh, it’s very comfortable we’ve stayed here, you know before we got a whirlpool tub a small Sink mate slash makeup area looks like about a 30 40 inch be Here’s your balcony that leads out Outside was it kind of a tough tug and then here’s our view for beautiful sunsets in the morning we’re up on the second from the top floor so it’s a It’s almost the highest that you can get here in the Marriott. So here we go. Looking back into the honeymoon suite We go straight over to the hot tub a little hot tub action and a little sink slash makeup area Shower stall Charlotte with beautiful picture. Hi guys, there I am It’s another sink and then we go out into the secondary quarters We have another lock off queen-size bed With a little living room couch 40 inch TV with a small little table and chairs outside with a beautiful view of the ocean beautiful beautiful Aruba beaches and looking back into the secondary suite We have a section here, which has refrigerator Cabinets microwave sink and Then you have another bathroom In here all the towels toilet with toilet tree and a shower So there you go that completes the tour of room. Well, I Don’t even want to call it a room. This is a suite Villa, whatever timeshare Marriott’s 26 12 And 26 10 and we’re gonna leave you Here on this four-minute video say hello, babe everybody We’re not live. This is just an upload. Say hi. Yes, she is a beautiful, baby Day 2 really this is day 1 for us. So we’re here for seven days seven beautiful days and nights Today you go guys signing off from Aruba day two Our first day was just at a boutique hotel. This is date. This is our vacation here Zoom you in a little bit. So you get a quick pull end of The activities on the beach that’s where we’ll be right down there. Peace and love to everybody Thank you for watching. Make sure you subscribe and leave me comments in the comment section below Thank you for joining and go to my website do tear on comm for more of Everything do tear on. Peace and love guys ciao for now

22 thoughts on “#Marriott Aruba Surf Club tour of suite 2612. OneHappy island #Aruba”

  1. Fabulous views!! Hope you & your lovely wife are having a wonderful time!! πŸ₯‚πŸ’–πŸ₯‚

  2. It looks GORGEOUS, but Dutyron, I would be on all fours on that balcony! I would have to film it from the ground. πŸ˜‚ I'm so afraid of heights!😳


  4. That is so beautiful Ron!
    When my mom passed away, 4mths later we were in Myrtle Beach walking at sunset and I just stopped and looked at the waves crashing and cried. Not tears of sadness..but tears of amazement at the beauty of the sunset and the great big beautiful ocean. Nature and things like that are a great healer. Enjoy your time with your wife. You are BOTH very very lucky πŸŒ… πŸ’‘ πŸ’• πŸŒžπŸŽ‹

  5. Lmao @ the bedroom..where the magic happens! Beautiful suite and you can make magic happe in two different beds!

  6. So awesome great video!!! πŸ₯°β€οΈπŸ₯°β€οΈπŸ₯° been so busy haven’t caught a live!

  7. Beautiful! Popeye may be a little upset when you return or is living the secret life of pets! Enjoy!

  8. Very beautiful and the ocean as well, five thumbs up for this hotel. How I wish I could stay this nice place. Love it.

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