Massive kitemare off the coast of Marocco – Ep99 – The Sailing Frenchman

All right, pretty good start we’re going Right, let’s start to look at the options. We have costal wind at the moment. It’s just the effect of the land
which is warmed up by the sun The wind will be changing soon though. So we need to see a bit of options and for these we have time zero so as we see all the fleet here, moving And yeah, we’re not bad, we’re here,
one here, two here, Not too bad so far, but you know, it’s a one month race, so much can go wrong then The weather, so that’s the weather
that we’re gonna have soon Hisham, one month at sea what do you think? Looking forward to it, unless when I’m seasick But you won’t be right, you have your sea legs already from last race Alright, welcome to the doldrums We are right out of Portugal The first day and which has become a kind of weird area west of Gibraltar not much wind we placed ourselves not too bad, I think light wind, spinnakers helming smoothly and hopefully this afternoon we get some higher pressure This area here, see wind is coming in this area So we should benefit from this
but let’s see how it turns out What are you up to Manuel?
Can I help you? No you can’t
No ? OK That’s a good thing so could you, have you been able to tighten it maximum or yeah, there’s a bearing it’s something inside, stuffing So this is actual footage from my bunk,
I’m not even enhancing the sound, just wait for it… It’s the spinnaker sheet going through a low friction ring, and it’s like this every 30 seconds Have a good night This is not my hat It’s one of the maintenance guys that forgot it. I feel like I’m selling drugs in the desert Good morning Hugo, did you bought that hat or were you given it? It’s Blake’s He forgot it It just never stops All right, so it’s day three into the race,
we left three days ago from Portugal We’re about like 500 miles into this journey, and we’ve been doing pretty good so far, sticking along the the Moroccan coast,
gave us a good advantage. We are with a group of 5 boats, still such a long race It’s hard to say it if we we’re first or last, but we’re definitely not last, we are towards the front of the fleet, which is pretty good Yeah, everyone is working their ass off. So it’s pretty good. It’s starting to get warm as we go south A 100 miles away from Canaries now. Last time I came here was with my boat and just had the best time there.
It’s sad not to stop and see my friend José Still a long race, still lots of things, working with daily problems But so far, the boat’s moving.
So we hope we continue to do this way, getting really good at helming with spinnaker,
so that’s nice I’m able to stay here in the nav station just do a bit of tactics and just overviewing the sail, it’s really nice. It’s going well You’ll see in the next day we should have more wind coming, as we pass Canaries and then we’ll go for the scoring gates. Scoring gate is just like 2 marks, 2 virtual marks, somewhere and the first boat to pass these two marks gets 3 points the second boat 2 points and the last boat one point and all the rest going through the gates gets nothing So it’s always good to go for these extra points like we did on first leg getting second on this ocean sprint so yeah, we’ll try to go for this Hi Josh, how are you doing ?
We gybed, we are 1.6nm from Sanya Nice, good job What do you say a lot when you are at the helm?
Bare away, head up, stop flogging, trim, trim trim….etc HeyJohn what does bare away mean ? which way ? Bare away, or the other way It’s left or right, 50/50 That’s our problem I think At that point we had been three or four days at sea and we had just passed the Canary Islands Making our way towards the Cap Verde and the scoring gate that was just north of it We were constantly under spinnaker our code 2 was up and we were doing good speed So good that we were in the lead with Visit Sanya, Jorge’s boat Sometimes second, sometimes first, switching places But the afternoon right after that watch I was having a nice nap in the sail locker when I felt the boat slowing down and some shouting starting I always keep my life jacket when I have a nap, so I jump on deck and can only witness the inevitable It’s there, the mother of all wraps. The spinnaker, because of mistakes from the helmsman got wrapped not only around the forestay,
but also around the inner-forestay No way to solve this from deck Within seconds, I had the climbing harness on, and the crew swept me up the mast Started a now and off battle to enwrap our code 2, me from the top and the crew from the deck We eventually got it back on deck with only minor damage and within minutes we had our code 3 up and we were racing again But this one and a half hour at reduced speed made us lose quite some ground on Sanya and allowed Quingdao to come back to our level. This one mistake definitely played a huge role in the rest of that race So again, lessons learned, never ever let down your guard Never get complacent and never stop trying to do things better and faster

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  1. Maybe if you try putting dishwashing soap on that low friction ring where the spinnaker sheet slides in it you would be able to get rid of the sound. Same thing happens to lines through fairleads

  2. Another awesome video! I can't wait to see you on your own boat again. Hopefully then you will have an engine for her. Thank you Frenchman!

  3. "I feel like i'm selling drugs in the desert" =))))) that's a very very precise description of the hat )) p.s. dont be sorry for the delay in vids, enjoy the race, Hugo!

  4. Nice video. Im watching you racing into Fremantle alongside Qingdao with 300 miles to go. That Qingdao is obviously the boat to beat but your improving your position every race . Well done. Come on Hugo make the most of the joker.

  5. Thank you for sharing this race from the inside ! I love your videos, please continue ! And GO TEAM HA LONG BAY ! You're doing very good on the south atlantic leg !!! congratulation !!!

  6. Wish you great luck for southern ocean leg, your competitor is always afew knots faster it seems, I really wish yıu get this joker leg mate.⚓️

  7. So great to see you? I missed you? glad you are well and safe❤ think of you often. Not a weirdo just love your spirit?

  8. What an adventure. At least your spin didn't end up under ur boat like it did once for me. Total cluster f at the time. Good luck.

  9. How did you draw the short stick on that bunk? Hopefully you are so tired it does not matter. Congrats on the race nice placement!

  10. When the spinnaker wraps like this you can gybe the main to the other side, and reverse the direction of the wind vortex, and thus undo the wraps as fast as they happened ?

  11. Race is great fun to watch! Your vids are a lot of fun. 2.5 days out, I'm hoping you can hold off Qingdoa an now Korea. But, a string of 3rd might win whole race!!

  12. Liked your singing but it was lost in the creaking of the boat. I remember your first sighting of Gibraltar. That too was exciting to watch.

  13. Ouf, ça continue. J'ai eu peur…merci beaucoup !!
    On croise les doigts pour la première place à Fremantle…et on souffle dans vos mouchoirs…?
    Force et courage.

  14. I just love this race. I sent away for information regarding the next and crewing. Sadly, I don't have the financial capacity for it and my age is a bit of a factor, but oh how I wish upon a star, or better said, sail. Thank you for posting. My favorite channel. I am always excited to see your posts show up on my email.

  15. 11:28 – The spinnaker wrapped around the forestay and inner-forestay.
    Me, in my car in a supermarket car park with absolutely no sailing experience whatsoever: Oh crap, that’s the worst case scenario!

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  22. Great sailing vid Hugo, thank you for your efforts. You’re now just hours away from the finish, hoping you’ll find a way to outsmart Qingdao on those last 35 miles… Good luck

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