Maya Gabeira – A day in Los Angeles – The Red Bulletin

the source of motivation to me is always one to improve and evolve as you know an athlete obviously but as a human being to that goal is always to go higher and higher and extend your limits and just an endless search to hi guys we’re here now going for a surf it’s kind of fun out there and I’m gonna drop off my boyfriend the airport and go see my mom so should be a good day my favorite spot to surf in LA though posted just because it’s close to Jesse’s house and it’s always a little bit bigger so it’s nice and it’s just a beach break and front you just got done over short surf session and time to quickly dress up and change and go today to Canada dig in gonna go to my mom it’s great to have my mom here away I’ll probably go for a little shopping and get some good food and what’s the movie to be with Maya just a little bit it’s a nice holiday I used to think that she was gonna be a dancer but then she started therapy when she was 14 I thought it was just a joke or something but it became serious when she went to Australia then she never came back anymore to Brazil and now I’m visiting her lover comes to 3rd Street there’s some great restaurants and I just walk around and check out some interesting small shops you

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