Maya Gabeira Surfs Giant Waves at Teahupoo

It’s always hard to get on an airplane, buy the ticket to leave your home, where you’re comfortable, where you’re safe, and to go on an unpredictable adventure with many variables and with a lot of history. I had a lot of nightmares and flash backs by the time that episode happened. 5 waves hit me on the head at the shallowest point in the sea, due to a thing like that and really it wasn’t even the wave I caught. I was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. She tried to get out of the wave in the first situation, but she couldn’t because there were too many people in front. She surfed the wave until the end, until after the place where everyone is sitting on the channel, that crowd, you know? She was sucked in and thrown out in the reef, and sucked in and thrown out in the reef, I could not rescue her. Burle also failed, and Poto made it, but she was already passed out, so you could see her passed out in the sled and that whole situation. Big wave surfing leaves no room, you have to be there, body and soul, with all you have, prepared for anything and in order to run any risk, standing in the middle of the road it is the dangerous thing. Soon after the accident, Apnea training is what helped me. In the past years I have been going to Mexico a lot, where there are tubular waves, which helps me a lot building my technique for Teahupoo. Go, go, go.

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  1. Tahiti is the largest island in a group of French Polynesia (an overseas country of the French Republic), located in the archipelago of the Society Islands in the southern Pacific Ocean.

  2. thank you krisbriz por your answear in fact the France have a earth everywhere on the world between the french polynesia Martinique/Saint Barthe&Guadeloupe in the caraibean Guyane in south america at the borders with brazil saint pierre et Miquelon near of terre neuves cananda or new hamshire usa & the Réunion island /Mayotte and the french language is the official language in more of 65 country i did not know it all of of France wow whay country.good luck to you thanks again.

  3. You're welcome Victoria. One more thing….I'm not french :))
    I am from that little country named Portugal where McNamara surfed the big waves last year. He is going to try to do it once again this year. Stay tunned. All the best.

  4. I've never understood why people outside of Canada and the USA feel the need to state they are from another country. This is the internet, yes there are people from all over the world. Greetings from uranus!

  5. cara ela pressisa entra pra minha equipe cara metira quer mulher e sexo frágil Ternhei muito homem que não faz quer maya gabeira fez quais quer perde sua vida ainda vou pro canto quer podia ser seu último bom trabalho aos salva vida

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