MBAC Story: Elena – International student’s experience surfing in Southern California

I’m Aline and I’m from Denmark and I’m
studying environmental studies and IT at SDSU. I’ve always really wanted to learn how to
surf. So I actually chose San Diego because I wanted to combine school and sun and surfing.
And San Diego has really nice spirit it’s really relaxed and chill and people go longboarding and go surfing and like have this really nice vibe so San Diego seems to be like the place
to be. I would definitely recommend taking a surfing class. Taking a surfing class get more help and you learn much faster much more because like you have the instructors next to you. So um they watch you and they can see what you did wrong and they can correct you during class so it seems like you’re learning a
lot faster. It has given me so much like a network and a lot of really good experiences when you’re in the classroom you don’t really always talk to each other that much . It’s a really good opportunity to meet a lot of people as well as students and outside of
the classroom I actually do remember the first wave. I think it was at the second or third class I caught like a really really long wave and I was like
what?! This is perfect this is awesome. Like somehow I managed to catch this a little bit sideways so I got like the wave. It was probably just a couple seconds but it felt like it
felt like minutes it was like yeah. I really love being out in the ocean it’s
so much more than just like surfing you get to like feel the nature and see dolphins out there. And you will like explore like the ocean. it’s a really good thing. Nowadays you have the tendency to stay a lot indoors. When you get out in the ocean you just kinda like leave everything behind and just like enjoy like the weather and waves and just the nature around you. It’s like kinda like gives me a lot of energy it really makes me feel
happy. I tried surfing back home but the conditions are really tough back home um so now I can I guess I kinda got like the basic level so now I can hopefully go surfing back home. To learn about all the watersport classes and activities at Mission Bay Aquatic Center visit

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