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If I think that I’m getting
afraid to be old then I can’t live.
SHE LAUGHSIt is just good to be
in better condition than I was
as a 40-year-old.When I go to the skate park
and there are those scooter kids,
they always come to me and say,“Oh, we have read about you,
seen films about you.
“Cool to meet you.”I have learned to
be a more social person.
It was only going cruising
at the beginning but then
skateboarding came into my life,
and it is pure fun.
I have begun to see my city
in totally different ways.
“Oh, that would be a nice
place someday to skateboard there.”
I mean, it looks cool
when people skate,
but when you skate for the
first time it’s really scary.
So Lena was a good teacher, like,recognising the fear and then doing
small steps and doing it together
and encourage and
helping each other.
So it was, yeah, good.On my first tripI had some skateboards
and other things with me,
and they were so welcome,and now we are planning to build
a new skate park in Uganda.
My message with skateboarding –
don’t think what other people think.
And you have to take
your life in your hands.
This is my last work, and it was
No Fear, a tribute to
all Ugandan people,because they taught me not
to be afraid of snakes,
and then that snake is smiling.There will be one day
I don’t do these things,
but the day when some doctor
will say to me that,
“Lena, forget those hobbies,
begin Nordic walking,”
then my life is over!“We ride till we die.”
That’s my motto.
Perfect.I like that.Yeah.And then we have to continue.Yeah.Lovely weather.

100 thoughts on “Meet The 65-Year-Old Skateboarder | Amazing Humans”

  1. When grandma literally skates better than you.

    (Where i live.Saying "my 7grandma is better than you" is a form of insulting someone)

  2. this is beautiful. she started at 61. and here i was thinking i was too old to start at age 28. thanks for sharing <3 she's a beautiful person and very inspiring

  3. From one skateboarder to another …. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! I hope I am still on my board when I am your age!!! Age is nothing but a number baby!!! MAD LOVE FROM NY,NY!!! RESPECT!!! DO YOU BABY …..DO YOU !!!!

  4. The ultimate wish of a real skater is to die skateboarding.
    Skateboarding is about having fun with skateboards and skating with friends.
    Ultimately skateboarding is about freedom from fear and laziness and be in silence and in the present.

  5. I don't know why but I'm laughing right now, not at her obviously, this is pure joy I love this lady I wish she's my grandma.

  6. This women is amazing she is doing two of my favorite things at age 61 skateboarding and spray painting what a legend

  7. I will say this, be careful when and where you skateboard depending on your situation.
    An old lady like this might get away with it. Because she is known, trusted, and maybe, a woman. I think if she was just an unknown older male, the enegy would be different. People should never underestimate the power of the public to judge you as a weirdo, or treat you strangely or unjustly because you don't fit in.
    Not worth it to me. Just to skateboard. Play a sport , or go to the gym if you want exercise.
    The only way I would feel comfortable skateboarding is if I was with a kid or kids as a guardian, or in a community where most people were kind of quirky and free – spirited.

  8. I'm 37 – felt like I was too old to skateboard, but bought on vacation on a whim. I learned how to skateboard in a hotel parking garage. I sprained my ankle (skateboarding) the day before left. Let me tell you, it was not fun trying to get around 3 airports on a sprained ankle. You don't heal as fast as a young person, either. I didn't let this deter me, though. I'm back on the skateboard riding down the street. It was hard to get back on again. I was so scared at first, but it's the most amazing feeling! I wish I had the courage to try more things when I was younger!

  9. The coolest 65 year old woman ever!! I am so inspired. She even has a kick ass style of clothing. And then the graffiti art!!!?? Dam straight girl❤️

  10. -great cooking skills
    -nice to children
    -can skate,graffiti,aerobatics
    Bruh this granny been rippin

  11. so amazing but so scary thinking of her falling but at the same time she looks in better shape than me so im sure shes fine hahahahah

  12. I want this wonderful lady to be my grandma!! I've been skating since 1984, and would love to skate with her!! 🤘🔥

  13. 25, working out, learning how to skate and always admired graffiti. This lady has more style than I do. Great motivation and I wish her the best.

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