Microsoft + Burton: Empowering adaptive snowboarding

>>It gives me
a different type of freedom.>>We’d all be riding, shredding, and for us athletes, it’s the way we get out and fly. [MUSIC]>>Trying to get my balance
is incredibly difficult, because I don’t have my back arm
to keep me stable on the board.>>There’s a lot of
challenges that go with it. Now, hiking to the resort, carrying all your gear while
swapping legs in and out.>>So what we’re trying
to do is identify the things that are
the most difficult, using straps, putting your boots on, and making all of that easier.>>The goals I’m trying
to achieve is make the USA Team for
the next Paralympics in Beijing.>>My next score is to be the first above the knee amputee
to do a back flip on a snowboard.>>Our philosophy since we started the project is accessibility,
adjustability, and durability, to help riders
all over the world from our best global team riders
to adaptive riders as well.>>It takes a lot of smart people and good tech to make
that all happen. We have Burton, we’ve got
the university students, and we’ve got Microsoft all coming
together to solve a problem.>>The idea is to try to
make snowboarding more fun, easier, and inclusive for
all riders that want to ride.>>Winning medals myself is
pretty awesome but when I can influence and help
others achieve their goals, that’s what it’s all about. [MUSIC]

8 thoughts on “Microsoft + Burton: Empowering adaptive snowboarding”

  1. I loved this video! Great job Microsoft, Burton and all additional resources for paving the way for all riders!

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