Microsoft Edge Surf, CIAO CIAO dinosauro di Google!

Hi all YouTube friends, Microsoft added in the Dev and Canary channel of Microsoft Edge, version 82.0.432.3, a rather exciting game and today I am here to show it to you, or better to say, try it since I have not yet had a hand. To access it, just connect to an internal browser page, this is the string. While I play and you see me die, I give you some info just to stimulate your curiosity. First of all, it must be said that it is very reminiscent of SkiFree, a game released way back in 1991. Then until a few months ago it was a simple easter egg for the new Edge logo, now it has officially become part of the browser. There are three game modes: Classic, Time Trial and Slalom. There is no need to explain the individual rules, the names seem intuitive to me. Another thing to say … that the scores are local … The game is also available when offline and has been optimized for touch support and gamepads. In short, if Google Chrome has its inseparable dinosaur, in the MS house this function cannot be missing. We will soon see it also in the stable version of Edge. Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried it and we’ll see you in a next video!

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