Minsk, Belarus traveling all around the world…

This is national museum of art, gallery, pictures… It is build 1939. before 2nd World war Why is that important? Becouse all Minsk was destroyed in 2nd World War, but this part, this building, museum, that street
and buildings over there were safe from it. Football stadium They had market around it ….outside around In past you should pay to visit this market
inside of this football stadium and now it is under reconstructions about 2 or 3 years,
something like that. It is also historical. Street drawings, what was not usual for Belarus,
but today gowrement is, kind a becoming ok with that. And it is made by a…
Belorusians, Brazil and some another people. It was some fest, or something like this. These two buildings are gate of Minsk. All those buildings was destroyed in 2nd World War,
and it was reconstructed in 1956. Also those gates of Minsk were build in 1953.
by an architect from Saint Petersburg. In USSR they had a low to pay money for government,
like pay tax if they don’t have children. And this fall apart 1991., becouse, I don’t know…
USSR was fall apart. Yeah, USSR fall apart. And now in Belarus they have low
if you don’t work you should pay tax. And they are doing this to prevent
alcoholic people and unemployed. So all people are working to not pay this tax. And…what I can say else…Ammm…. Yeah, that’s it…Umm… Country’s currency stay same,the salary stay same, but Euro is growing So basically they have lower and lower salaries,
while prices are growing up. Year of retirement from last year,
until this year is a bit higher. This over there is catholic church,
and this one is parliament, govrement building. That one is university for teachers to become teacher. And this is metro station. In Minsk you have 2 lines of metro stations
witch are crossing each other like this. You see this is church, this is opera house, and…
I don’t know what is this. This is Adam Mickiewicz, he is very famous for Belarus. He is writer. This is Rimiga, the second center of city where combines old houses old historical houses and new houses. And there is factory of shoes. Here is always, when it is rain, too… A lot of water here… Yeah, a lot of water because it is not good build
for water to go away. So in summer when there is a lot of rain,
and all this is under water people take some little boats and,
they just like… sailing. And they are like pretending that they are swimming and these stuff… because it is very strange and they make fun of it, but water was very dirty. Well it is not too high. This is orthodox church in Minsk. This is statue of Solidarna, it show like, how people should be united. This is the biggest church in Minsk. It is build by name of Saint Spirit. Svetog Duha. This two buildings are new one,
but this one is very old. And they also cut trees in shape of
Russian type of church. So this is that church and… This is apper town,
some rich people lived here And also some things never change,
like, for example this old road. It’s a…everything is very fancy. So this is Svislach river. In this river there is a lot of ducks and… There is children come and watch them
and maybe give them some bread. This is also historical part called Trojska Premistha. And why is famous? This is historical part that staid mostly safe during war,
it wasn’t ruined so. So it’s old. This old buildings from historical valuable
there is people who have their offices there. and maybe some people live there, I don’t know,
they can’t change anything inside because it’s very old. So this buildings are new,
they are build just last year, and a lot of people hate this buildings,
a lot of people from Minsk hate this buildings becouse they think that they make they city ugly, but I like architecture of those buildings by myself. Anyway, this flats are expansive, off course
it is center of city and new one. This is: ”Island of the Tears”. This is build for people who died in,
if I’m not mistaken in Afghanistan. There is rocks with town were people was kiled. It’s just for worst,
It’s mother who… -Who cry for they sons. It’s wroten that this is for sons who died in Afghanistan
and the’y build this Hram. In those rocks they wrote in witch cites solgiers died in Afghanistan This is Kabul. And this is statue over there… So this is crying angel who cry in: ”Island of Tears”
because of soldiers that died. That over there is opera house. And in Minsk… I mean it’s 22-nd of March and it’s snow. This is square Koriakob Kovas. He is writer and he is very, very important for Belorussian literature. This is: ”Concert Hall of Minsk”. And we are going in Bazar This buildings over there are named:
”Corn buildings”, or ”Kokice” Because of the shape of those buildings. So this is woman who is selling
sunflower seeds witch is normal for Belarus. And there was always some woman, some people who is selling them in street. And they make like one cup from paper and they put this seeds in that and they sell it. This is strange statues with mirrors. Those buildings in this area was build in time of Stalin and you can also see in buildings stars
and some communist symbols. Those buildings are also from Stalin
and all of them are called: ”Stalinke”. and this house is house where first meeting of communist party had meeting in 1917. and now is museum of that first meeting. This is: ”Palace of Coulture” in Minsk. This is traditional clouds in Belarus. This is the symbol of Belarus. You don’t need gold
if you have happiness in you’re family. And now, the end is near
And so I face the final curtain You cunt, I´m not a queer
I´ll state my case, of which I´m certain So, like we see, Minsk is very beautiful during night,
not just that it’s lights in buildings but sky is relay relay blue-beautiful. Show the sky. Yeah, I showed it…
In 10 videos until now 🙂 This is monument of Nikola Gusouski. He wrote very big poem in 16th century about zbuer it’s this animal and he is relay relay important for Belarus not just that he wrote this poem about this zuber in Belorussian, but also in Latin language, because Latin language in that time was very popular. This is Frank Skalina,
he is very important for Belarus because he was first one who translated Bible in Belorussian language 1517. and…something else? And he printed this Bible in Prague. Jeufrasina Polackaja was first saint person in Beloruss she was monk and she… because in that time
there was not machines for printing books she wrote all of them copy, hand made… just in order that people have book, like some official stuff what they need to know and learn All those persons are
very important for Belorussian education and that’s why they are all next to etch other in university in Minsk. This is gate of Minsk, those two buildings,
because in oposit side is main train station. with international trains that’s why those buildings are gate of Minsk. To… I don’t know to…
Wish some welcome, or I don’t know… This is first step for foreigners in Minsk I think,
or something like this.

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  1. I'm sorry weather was so bad during your trip ((( Minsk is worth visiting in the end of May when everything is in blossom )))) Hope you'll have an opportunity to see it by your own ))

  2. Hey! I’ll be glad to show you Minsk. Moreover, I and my friends are starting a social project. We want to show our guests that Belarus is a modern and developing country and we want the whole world to know about it. This is the aim:)
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  3. Hi i don't know if you remember me in your fan from Israel and i promised i would watch more of your videos because i really enjoyed your Israel videos. I spent a day in Minsk and then crossed border to Poland. I enjoyed watching this I think you found things I didn't see but also i want to suggest a few places the Great war museum. The KGB museum and the Lenin statue in front of the parliament (you were across the street not sure if you were able to see 3:07) both placesl I saw warnings not to take pictures so it was a little scary but I had no problem. also the Yama holocoust memorial. Outside of Minsk there were also some other nice things we Saw like Nyasvich castle And some war memorials. Maybe I Will get to go back And spend a little more time exploring the country.

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