[Music] you [Music] [Music] [Applause] the I actually like thought of this idea months ago and I wanted to make this project then but the problem was I don’t know how to work with power tools but recently I told my dad about the idea I had in mind and before I knew it he created the board for me and that came out great look you just like outlined it cut it out and then just sanded it down spray-painted it with some leftover pink spray paint I had and yeah it came out great he even put like I’ll show you guys look like this subscribe sticker the play button the like button and it came out sick so the only problem with that is is when we did cut it out it’s very fragile now because it’s like a way thinner board so it might snap it should be fine but the whole thing it’s going to be straight up so dangerous the edges are very sharp so say if you get a sinner it’s gonna cut your open it’s going to be really bad I’m about to go meet up with some friends right now at Gardnerville skate park we’re just going to take turns trying it out hopefully goes well hopefully it doesn’t break and hopefully no one sheds blood because this thing is so dangerous my key to this board right here get that thing away from me lady payback oh it’s starting to bleed okay it’s not enough very very give me a band-aid it’s abuse poor girl you’re not you start like you don’t have it yeah you can Anna Luz yay whoa did you think cool know something hey right let me write this in your face Oh oh my gosh like it’s already game Tomales hey this guy brought PJ’s little gjz hey lately Oh PJ boy let’s be a big flip on that yeah okay oh it’s like knives Agassiz’s dangerous just Oh hey dr. P [Music] do the worm I’m gonna do years ago you do more all right I can’t go what you all right guys challenged then this little bit 360 degrees attach on the tail it shook wait wait wait you do you got to start on the other side yeah thank you got a lot everybody hey coffee takes over I want to be responsible for this kids bloody head nothing very long and if you fall on the other side you’re gonna die I ain’t like you come over here alright we’ve got the death manual you got a manual across this whole entire ledge if you fall right here you’re gonna die this is like the death manual pad because if you fall off the six foot which we face is a seven foot you’re dead might give you a nose manual with the deaf skateboard hopefully it goes dude you’ve been a great friend it was nice knowing you I’ll see you on the other side oh hey you almost died for the video have you found that saving young saving the board oh my God why do out the board guys because you are writing it like you went on it I mean like I’m writing it down a lot my cooties on his board would know you’re after you’ve done my net life right it’s kinda why you please on haiku at school holder grade of my cooties who does shed blood for that moment when I said blow intensively kill me I want see a melon grab on this Guinness yeah you got good muffin order half hold up yeah well you want to grab you tella squeezy to talk okay Riley he’s known anybody huh making you wait definitely do we think about oh yeah it’s crazy coming back to my hometown and having all the support from all the locals here that’s crazy it’s unreal to me that everyone’s watching my video it’s just like I don’t know because I grew up here you know kid just skating here everyday just hanging out puts the X equal oh no that thing is cool super did that the hydrogen I’m sitting here try you’re done wasting its focus yes out not rubella Danny okay good job yes that was my first time trying that trick July you’re a liar no no no you it’s the first time I tried that trick your long good job your scooter kid right yup okay a poor kid but I laugh Wow my guess we’re gonna try a deck gap so it might not work cuz my foot just might fly it off if it slides off you know there you go straighten your body part what it’s one in your private place yeah I’m nice actually does this look dangerous let me ask you something good [Music] yeah okay he doesn’t go to save board but that about wraps up this video to make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe I’ll see you guys for the next video say bye guys subscribe


  1. I watch your videos on the way to school I skate to school so when I skate to school I go straight to Youtube to watch your videos

  2. Awesome video dude notifications are on and subscribed really like the video but just imagine if you do a 5-star and you get Popsicled/sacked that

  3. Me:*falls off board * dangit!!!!
    Some nice guy:hey ill get that for you 🙂
    Me again:NOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    some nice guys: trys to stop with foot and misse so it hits shin
    Me: shit

  4. file in between the spikes to round it out. You can use a small radius round file. It will eliminate stress points on the board and reduce the risk of it cracking

  5. なぜ日本語に訳すんですか?何か理由が

  6. New skater: I’m so scared to fall off my board and break something omg❗️❗️

    Luis: chainsaw board

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