MTB Riva Del Garda and Sentiero Del Ponale Trail Tour Video Italy.

Hi Everyone I am at Riva del Garda. One of the most beautiful village on Garda lake in Italy I am here with my mountain bike to make Old Ponale path Before Old Ponale trail lets make a small city tour. Ok. Now we are starting the one of the most famous trail in Italy, Old Ponale Path. This path is very beautiful and panoramic Enjoy the video You can meet your water and food needs at this resting point. I have completed The Old Ponale Road. Now lets countinue the Riva del Garda city tour As you have seen in the begining of the video, also Riva del Garda is very beautiful village. Its called Pearl of Garda. If you need any information about the place or Old Ponale trail, write me a message And if you liked the video, don’t forget to give a like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching

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