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It looks like they don’t want women being
able to wear whatever they want. They want them all to be… wearing
what they want. The Burkini being banned in French beaches I think it’s kind of a way of France trying to force secularism onto people Instead of letting them maintain their identity You know, there are nuns that go to the beach I’m sure there are nuns in France. And I’m sure they’re not forcing them to wear bikinis Muslims are in the target of French for like… a lot of years now There is really more hidden behind that. And I think some elements of secular life feels threatened by us So the word hijab actually means to block
one’s view. That’s what the word literally means. So a curtain that you draw across your window,
that’s a hijab, but it’s come to mean covering up because when we cover up our sexuality,
we’re blocking that view. Islam tells people that they should … for women especially they have to cover their hair, most of their bodies You know, just maintain the modesty so that people don’t look at you as a sexual figure I have a strong opinion about being forced to cover myself I think that I’ll cover myself if I want to. My name is Tanzila Ahmed and I’m an activist,
a writer and a podcaster. This idea of shame and this idea of women
having to look a certain way or dress a certain way is really a product of patriarchy. I was raised with a lot of shame, right, like to cover myself up and to not show my legs and my arms. And so I actually never learned to swim because of that I decided to cover myself more than 10 years
ago now. The wetsuit is usually super tight and there
is a lot of Muslim women who doesn’t want to wear tight clothes. I know there’s a stereotype, I understand that But people need to understand that is a stereotype And the majority of Muslim women are not forced to cover up. They choose to do so I think women should feel free to wear whatever they want no matter where they are in the world That’s how Splashgear was started At one point I was not a religious Muslim And then I became a religious Muslim woman and then I decided to cover and abide by the Islamic dress code I never set out saying “Let’s ban the bikini” I always love to be in the water. Since I’m a kid, I follow, like, swimming
courses and stuff like that. When I decided to cover myself and to put my hijab on, then I couldn’t stop going to the beach Women who are modesty conscious have been
invisible and I don’t think that people realize that, yeah, they wanna play, they want to
participate. They have to go to water therapy as well,
just like everybody else, but they want to do it on their own terms. They want to do it with more coverage. You know, you come to the beach, you could
dress with…with burkini. You could dress in a bikini. So as you like.

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  1. lol, they "prefer" to wear pants ands shirts in the water. if they just admit it's because they are obeying a strict dress code for a fake ass religion I'd buy it.

  2. The reason why nuns are allowed to cover themself is because they dont use their religion as a reason for terrorism. Yes, not all Muslim women are extrimest, but laws are laws. The French should not and will not put their people at risk in order to provide special laws for immigrants and refugees when they are supposed to be conforming. They should conform or go back from where they came. Also, they say they "choose" what they wear, when in reality, if they have a husband or are out of their walk in closet, they are forced to wear their hijabs. If you think that what they said is true, try finding a picture of a Muslim woman in Syria not wearing a hijab.

  3. So women who are forced to cover up by men in their religion don't want men to tell them not to cover up? Lol I don't understand the extreme far left

  4. Oi, some of these comments are so dumb, most of them to be honest. I just find it ironic that these people think they know better about being forced to wear a hijab even though the people who actually wear it aren't, and feel proud about wearing it. It truly boggles my mind.

    They aren't being forced, get over it.

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