let us begin you are now recording Thank You GoPro I love apps apps love me we’re best friends as friends good me I do have a mmm I do have a slight obsession with apps I don’t have many own for the fact that I have to compensate photos for app space and I think this is a very relatable problem or is that just me whoa look at that got a thing you got a thing got a loop going on here we’re going to embrace it how are all my little psychos today well y’all good we’re traveling the world right now where are you let me know down below where are you no second stalk you so today I realized I made a top 5 app video like right at the beginning of my youtube career career Who am I I make 5 cents a week is luke loop is gonna go gotta go today I’m going to talk to you about the must-have travel apps for 2015 I’m a big f lover I have liked all of them ever created and on that note this is not an extensive list because we all know this the same I ain’t about extensive I ain’t about hours of research I’m about what I’ve got my phone I’m going to tell you about ok so the first couple of apps I’m gonna talk about are all to do playing which is quite an important part of travel sometimes and the first one which I use religiously is Skyscanner and it is available on iOS and Android both for free and you’ve probably used Skyscanner before it really shocked me if you didn’t it’s great for just searching out the base prices using different airlines it’s a comparison search that’s all it is but they have a great feature where you can pick where you are at the moment for example London and then the destination you can click everywhere at you and it’s great because you can see what she flights are going from where you are at the moment it’s just good to get inspired and give you a lot of inspiration for future trips how much trips are going to cast you can also see how flights fluctuate over the months which I really like secondly once you’ve booked a flight see if that airline has an app because with good airlines they not only have good apps where you can download the boarding pass onto your phone no paperwork no trying to find a library to print entire levels anything like that and if you plan on going we want these reputable companies then I’m sure their app is as good as their service well there’s me just not myself I’ve ever gained sponsorship with one of these Airlines I could live without no leg space now we’re going to move on to accommodation as you know because a few videos ago I talked about 10 reasons why you should try air B&B and now I’m going to tell you to download their app if you want to know what Airbnb is all about and why you should be using it when you travel so just click the video if you don’t know what Airbnb is but they have an amazing app your profiles on there you can book on the go it’s just great it’s a very well-thought-out well-developed app again available on Android and iOS the second accommodation related apps I’m gonna talk about is couchsurfing if you’ve never tried couchsurfing then you are really missing out on great opportunities everyone normally has an issue with safety-related couchsurfing and I’m not going to talk about in that okay I’m not going to talk about that in this video but let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do it because I couched up quite a bit out here in Australia so I can you know we can chat back that one day you really fancy it but their app is really good and it got me out of so many near miss situations where I’ve got on a flight somewhere with no accommodation booked like no money literally that happened when I went cans to Darwin and I got off the plane turned my phone and there was a response from this guy saying yeah you more than welcome to stay possible oh can we watch like the notice of the light coming up because the sun’s going down so we’ve got to be quick guys okay and the third app I’m going to recommend is hostile world their APIs okay it could be a lot better I’m not the biggest fan but if you do stay in hostels then it does work it is really great again available on both iOS and Android like most of the apps in Becca talked about and you’re able to book on the go and I think this is just a really good one to have on your phone just in case you need it now we’re going to talk about chin legs and connectivity I do enjoy a good chin wag so some of the apps I would recommend because one of the hardest things is to keep in touch with loved ones back home as well as keeping in touch with everyone you just met on the road so of course coming in and number one is Skype because everyone wants to start their conversation with can you hear me oh this lighting is horrendous I am really sorry it’s kill me secondly on communication I would recommend you download viber I jumped on the viber wagon really late as in about three months ago and I loved it all my friends who have met traveling habit so whenever you connected to Wi-Fi it’s like free calls free messages free just everything and secondly to viber you can get whatsapp I’m not a fan of whatsapp because I have viber and Facebook Messenger everyone has Facebook so I don’t see the need to have lots of different things so yeah okay and talking of connectivity there’s a really good app called free Wi-Fi finder basically it’ll pick up your current location and show you on a map every like cafe restaurant museum everything that has free Wi-Fi and you’ll tell you which ones nearest to you whether it’s free or you have to pay for it and which one has the best ratings and the best strength so I think that is really good especially for bloggers etc we like to keep online but also fair one else as well it’s a great way to be able to find free Wi-Fi instead of literally trailing through a city just looking in cafe windows for that beautiful sticker says they have free Wi-Fi now we’re going to go onto geography there is an app which I fell in love with this is called the Snapseed Snapseed is my best friend it shouldn’t just everyone should have it because if you think that my amazing photographs they’ve taken on my travels have not been edited on Snapseed you are mistaken Snapseed is awesome it’s super easy to use and available for you or your apple lovers and/or your Samsung lovers it’s available for all of you and I would recommend it because you’re going to capture some amazing photos when you travel so Snapseed can add really subtle edits to that photo and just make it like 10 times better then if you can’t see it you can share it on maybe I don’t know Instagram I’ve gotta say I’m quite an Instagram girl not obsessed like some people I’m not constantly scrolling and double tapping but I’ll have a look now again and the reason I use both these together is because please don’t use the filters on Instagram they’re horrendous and terrible you Snapseed and have upload onto Instagram but a better quality photo and if you do photography for a living or anything like that then instead of jumping onto a Photoshop every time and you want to just share your photos on the go the literacy app seat takes a couple of minutes just to whack on a few edits and get out there oh it’s gonna be good coming coming now we have a section called other because I couldn’t think of any more categories in my other category we have Google Translate absolutely in love with this but don’t get the opportunity to use a much in Australia the only time I do use Google Translate is when I meet new people and their English isn’t so good the great thing with Google Translate also is that you can take a picture of a menu or a road sign highlight the bit you want translated and it will translate from iPhoto into text in English for you or whatever language you want how amazing is that another other app is offline maps and navigation it is available on Android and iOS have different version which I will put the links all the links all these apps are in the description box so don’t worry so they’re very similar and basically when you have Wi-Fi you download a map with a city or an entire country and then when you’re out and about because if you don’t have a SIM card and you don’t be using your data abroad which no one should ever ever do biggest scam of the century then you can use these maps offline and it’s pretty cool before this lighting takes over my face cuz no one wants to see my face I’m hidden in the shadows I am gonna recommend Foursquare I’m not I don’t check in on Foursquare or anything like that I love how when you have downloaded the app it’s full randomly pop when you’re walking through a city and say Tom Jones just recommended a place near you or reviewed a place near you and it’s really good if you want to eat because you can just just go on the app and you’ll tell you prices and reviews and if you’re really tired you don’t be trading around and finally my final must-have travel app is currency converter or you can get exhale or you can get X even see both of these apps I think it’s pretty self-explanatory you pick your currencies and you’ll tell you what the latest exchange rate is really really useful when you first arrived in the country and you’re still getting used to the 1 million to $1 kind of thing going on I don’t know so there you have it those are all the travel apps that I use oh no I missed one the final final travel app is TripIt I use this obsessively when I first started traveling when I was 19 I don’t use it so much now but this is amazing you can set it up to scan your Inbox so when you have flight confirmations and accommodation confirmations and all that coming in the automatically put it onto this app in a day to day view and you’ve got all your confirmations on like one page and it just has it so beautifully laid out and I really appreciate that especially if you really like to be organizing a OCD then trip it is for you and it’s free the free version is awesome I wouldn’t ever recommend the pro version if you’re just backpacking around but if you’re a business person then the pro version might be good for you but if not then take the free one okay this is a ridiculously long video so I’m going to say goodbye now don’t forget you can subscribe click that button down below join the family the very strange travel difficut you can also go onto a Facebook Twitter and Instagram all that psycho traveler but the links are down there with a million other links to both Android and iOS of all the apps I just spoke about see how much I love me do you see the love probably not because you probably can’t see my face winning doodles yes we have very little money if Yuri don’t have enough money that you can afford food and you have to go to a homeless food van to get your meal then maybe you should go home this absolutely enrages me it disgusts me how dare you take food that is there for people who are in real need of it go and live of 10 cents noodles like the rest of us do until you get another job

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  1. I think you should use Local address location finder app when you are travelling to find nearest local places .Here you can find this app –

  2. in south Korea! love this country! Seoul is amazing, and the nightlife in Gangnam is like no other!

  3. New fan here. I work over the phone which allows me to travel anywhere. One must have app I use is Vonage Extensions. Vonage is a VoIP phone that lets me have a USA number/voicemail. Clients can call my USA number which dials my cellphone anywhere I am over WiFi/3G/4G. I can also call into the USA for free using WiFi/3G/4G. As soon as I land in a new country, first thing I get is a travel SIM and top it up whenever I need more data. Clients don't need to use a special app and can call me using their normal cellphone or landline. Happy travels everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nice video!!! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ˜€ Some of this Apps would be so helpful meanwhile our travel through SEA!!

  5. Check it out! We are launching a new Travellers APP called To-gather! Must have APP!

  6. Google bought snapseed and now it's even better, also btw android isn't just Samsung, it's like how windows is on Dell, lenovo, hp etc and is made by Google

  7. Thanks for the tips, very useful! Why are you not including review apps like tripadvisor? They offer a travel timeline which follows your whole journey, especially cool if you do a road trip like us. You should check it out!

  8. The modern world is great you and a buddy can just drive into nyc rent out an Airbnb for 30 days at a rate of 35 dollars download google maps and pretend to know what you are doing uber out your car and make almost 100 dollars for a decent day of work you'll make almost enough to pay your bills after 20 days thats 10 days of work apiece then you can either check out the city or profit like a motherfucker and go somewhere else

  9. I'm at work. So much wanderlust woes and wah.

    There is an awesome app for flights called 'Hopper' though. It is like SkyScanner on crack.

    You select your starting destination and where you want to go and then it shows a calendar view of the next year, a key for the prices per day i.e. it shows green blobs on the cheap days (cheap on the route I was watching was ยฃ210) or angry red blobs on the big dollar days (so ยฃ330+ on the route I was watching). Pretty sweet if you're flexible on your dates as you can just whizz down the page and find a green blob day.

    Click your blob and select that date and then the bunny runs off and gives you a prediction of whether this is a great deal or whether you might want to wait for a few weeks as costs are expected to go down (based on data for other dates and usual costs/ predicted costs).

    You can then go see the flights themselves, arranged from cheapest to most expensive by default. You can sort by depart, arrive, stops etc as you can with SkyScanner then just select a flight. Even when you've selected a flight, it is helpful as it recommends other routes which are cheaper but longer (and if so, how much longer) or a non-stop flight if you are looking at a stopping flight, and the costs associated.

    You can then actually also pay for the flight through the app if you want to. I didn't do this tbh as I actually then went to the carrier's site and found the same price there for that date, but it was a really useful tool for picking dates and having a quick overview of when to actually go instead of having to just keep running date comparison searches.

  10. For all the backpackers in Australia, I really recommend you download this BRILLIANT app to help you with your travels! Full of free activities and cheap places to eat and so much more! Just click there, you can download it and get 1 city for free ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. You can also just download a map for offline use using google maps. My country also has the Douane Reizen app. It is basically from my countries customs and IRS. It converts currency, lets you save receipts and shows what you can take home and what you can't while flying.

  12. hidden camera detector app based on magnetic sensor and infrared camera detector is not in list ? seems like no one cares about privacy

  13. You are brilliant, you uncovered one of my best kept secrets. Many years ago I was staying in a hostel in San Francisco and my money for food ended, so I started to visit some cafeterias for homeless people! Actually the food was good (hunger is always the best cook) and not only that, I started to understand more this issue of homelessness in America, which is quite complicated as most people in this situation have mental problems and substance abuse issues. This was for a very short period and then I went home, as you said I must have done on the video. Gยดday!

  14. Light issue* I got a lumecube for X-mas. its the size of a go pro session. You should check it out its $80 US, I am in NYC, but Heading out to Arizona Tomorrow.

  15. What do you do for the Phone situation when travelling constantly?
    Don't want to get stuck in any Pay Monthly Contracts/Street Wifi isn't always great.
    Do you just find Pay As You Go Plans with data in each different country, and get a sim immediately at each airport so you're good to go. Scariest part of travel for me is landing and not having instant internet access for directions

  16. Skyscanner is crap….did a search for Bangkok return going in December it came up with Emirates ยฃ650 quid, when i went direct to emirates to book ยฃ450 these companies don't do it for free..

  17. You started travelling at 19?! How did you save up money so fast? With all my savings and a tight budget I don't think I can start travelling anytime before 25:(

  18. I'm in Prague right now it's amazing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

  19. First Fate Social App is also a good app, when it comes to travel recommendations from friends. Like, if I want to see which places are recommended by my friends, I can just see their first fate profile. Saves the hassle of scrolling through posts.

  20. Nice video. just a suggestion – you can also post your travel recommendations on your First Fate app profile. That way your followers can see WHAT, WHY, WHEN of your recommended travel/hangout spots, without having to scroll through stuff.

  21. You are amazing <3 Could you please tell us a little bit about how it is to travel alone as a girl in Asia????????????

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