My CRETE experience Summer 2016: Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, SUP boarding

hey pretty girl and handsome boy It’s sunny today. My name is Masha and i’m from Russia. Today I’m going to speak about my Cretet experience of searching what’s interesting I can do here. before I decided to come to Crete I’ve read that it’s the best place in Europe for windsirf. You you can imagine how windy is here. So I was hoping to try windsurfing here. we came because of the beach because of sport and six kilometres of heraklion very state and research for the school thrown out the school set us that she bailed out all staff of inserting just because wind has changed several years ago and it’s impossible for the penis to answer p anymore we go so upset so she suggested us there is Dallas places than which tough would lack in surgeon 2013kia momentous left gave me an opportunity to drive a ford and this year fortunately i tried big version in my hometown one months ago so i can compare make version in this year’s in the river I can say it’s incredible these circles waves they’re everywhere i was able to make to ride big fort only for quite minutes and then I my arms were so tired my legs were so tired i did not want to continue it’s just it’s incredibly expensive service 10 million cost 30 zeros one Lester lesson in my favorite portugal cost 25 years ago two hours so I did and I’m proud of myself but there was now in surf again we didn’t give up and research in surfing to balance beach so it’s about 150 kilometres there was no sir now been served school anywhere i don’t know maybe it was the wrong day or maybe nobody wanted to win surfing that day but we did not find anybody on this r2 the whole west beach from Heraklion to balance beach you want to visit create about the first time you should know that there are two balanced beach in laguna may take so 12 hours longer than you think just because of the last 10 cubic meters there are there is opal and the last two kilometres you should walk so everybody comes there to relax in for the whole day on the beach and there are no winter it was our first day in the Cretan the second day we he started again from the surgeon been serving to the east side of the island of those beads about same team now in surf again and but on the second one we finally found one or one company reach provided the answer but if that they there was no means that is andrey retired after recordin free wednesday so we decided to drive south jordan sub burden it was not my first time of subpart in that first of a time I tried it in Spain and it was so beautiful relax an amazing after the whole day of proud driving and use a very picture just to look at me and I know that it’s become popular in Russia for example 1 y’all organized morning virgin center of sent Petersburg there are lots of channel like her business and they followed their it’s also i want to do something so right below what did you try wakeboarding are in surfing and ran did you drive press like if you like my video and subscribe button if you want to see more we just in the future see you bye bye

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