My Journey From Freak Accident To Surfing

my name is Victor and believe it or not I fell in love with surfing 13 years ago when I was surfing for the first time in Santa Cruz California my high school photography teacher had taken all the tas out for a class trip and I remember all just on a surfboard learning how to paddle and outside and I felt him pushed me out of nowhere and he just told me Victor stand up quick and then I just popped up and I felt this wave just riding me all the way to shore and I’ll never forget that feeling of everything just washing away and the only thing on your mind is the board and where the waves gonna take you on this ride and I would end up chasing that feeling for the next 10 years all across the west coast and all around the world because I just love traveling and surfing that much but then one unlucky day I decided to play a game of basketball that would change my life forever basically I’d suffered a freak accident where everything in my left knee tore and exploded leaving me crippled in bed for three months in doing rehab for the rest of my life for the next three years I would learn how to run and climb again but surfing was one thing I was too afraid to pick up what if I was on the ocean and my knee decided to act up or worse just explode again and leave me stranded or drowning you know the ocean so I just never really wanted to pick up surfing again but I recently went to Hawaii for a family trip and figured what better place to test my knee them there I’ve served most of the islands in Hawaii and I know the waves are pretty forgiving there and also my brother would be nearby so something they did happen he could always help me out so here’s my first time surfing in three years coming back from a crippling injury jc/juan your bike right and it’s true you don’t really forget how to surf it’s just a matter of getting your feet wet pun intended although all the running swimming I did for rehab didn’t really help me much for serve me because I was still so out of shape struggling to catch any waves let’s not forget to mention that you’re feeding it’s 30 other surfers trying to catch one wave it’s pretty brutal out there but then you do catch one wave and then it makes it all worth it until you realize that your knee isn’t quite 100% and you lose control of your board almost killing another surfer luckily I was able to jump off my board and pull on the leash before I almost chopped his head off thankfully he was super chill didn’t freak out about it right it’s so frustrating though three years ago I had just returned from traveling and surfing around Philippines and then one random basketball game with people I didn’t know what changed the course of my life I still can’t recall everything that happened all I could remember was I was going for a layup and then my opponent tripped me from behind causing me to land on my left knee I pretty much just blacked out from there and when I came to my senses I looked down I saw my knee flushed into my thigh and keep in mind I had never broken a bone or torn a ligament anything serious in my life great asset for Kenny åkesson to have a seat that stretch the floor with it almost seen as he he’s gonna miss the rest of the season you can see him just shaking his head there he’s saying I’m done I’m done as soon as he landed on it Jeremy Lin season came to an abrupt end on Wednesday night the Nets guard suffered a ruptured patella tendon my what the patellar tendon is one of the biggest tendons in your body that keeps your kneecap all connected to the muscles and without that tendon you have no way to lift your leg or strain your leg out I would eventually get surgery which in itself was the most painful thing I’ve experienced my life to this day I remember waking up in my sleep screaming holding onto my headboard because I feel like my knee was about to explode it was ripping apart from the seams on fire and no amount of morphine or painkillers could calm the pain down finally after six weeks bequite my leg completely straight so that the tendon can heal or it would rip again I finally went in for my first checkup all right yeah I couldn’t even bend if I wanted to it was just so painful and there was just so much scar tissue built up I remember when I asked the doctor how long it would take for my knee to fully recover he said that it’ll never be back at 100% had Ari lost too much muscle mass and there was just too much damage done there and most he said maybe 85 or 90% depending on rehab so I went to rehab facility for a year to strengthen my left knee learn how to walk all over again and eventually try to surf on this day I didn’t have much trouble paddling or standing up really but I couldn’t control the board very well since most of my weight was on my front left knee which wasn’t had a hundred percent and must have tried standing up so many times but when I finally caught a good one the wave decided to slap me right in the face caused me to fall off and almost drown Oh yep so I almost killed another surfer I almost drowned I took that as a sign of paddle back in and just give up I had cuts all over my leg from the reef and that knee was so red and swollen I was ready to call it quits but then I look at my knee and the message that I’ve tattooed on it I even made a BuzzFeed video on it people get tattoos and their scars and in a video I got a tattoo that reads it’s not how you fall but how you stand back up and in that moment I was reminded of all the blood sweat and tears had sacrificed to get back to even 90% so I paddled back out and waited for the perfect wave which finally came for whatever reason everything on this wave just kind of clicked I said it with so much confidence and I just rode the wave out with style then I just kept catching normal ways and has so much fun as it were my first day of surfing 13 years ago it’s uncanny hair our human nature yearns for something more when it’s taken away from us in my case it was my name and all the things associated with that like traveling climbing and surfing so I urge you if you’re going through a hardship whether it’s mentally or physically try your hardest to find out things that want to find your joy and pursue those to the best of your abilities even though money will never be 100% I can fully appreciate the things that wants to for granted and one day I’ll travel the world again surfing in some exotic location until then Surf’s Up [Music] [Applause]

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  1. He’s so brave.

    I would literally freak out trying to surf.

    And I’d also scream like I’m in a horror movie.
    Oh wait my life is basically a horror movie.

  2. props to you i got hit by a car so freak accidents i get and getting back up is the best and worse feeling and im happy you are good

  3. edges flicy i look likie thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. Still lying on my bed three month after acl pcl mcfl reconstructions…does feel like I will be rehabbing for the rest of my life.

  5. I went through 4 surgeries in my right knee over the span of 4 years. When I was 15 years old, I was told I most likely wound't be able to run again and should find a deskjob in the future.
    But nah, I'm currently training to do a halfmarathon and working as a carpenter.
    All credit to the doc for making my knee great again, but getting that sentence can really hit you hard – But always makes you want to work a 100 times harder to prove them wrong, and show yourself what you are capable of.

  6. Same thing happened to me…. played football my whole life… it’s my senior year in high school and I was working hard this off season. Started at Right Guard as a Junior on Varsity. And one day at practice… I planted my right foot and I felt a pop in my lower leg. I thought someone kicked me. But no…. I ended up going to the doctor the next day. I couldn’t walk or put weight on it. I tore 60% of my Achilles…. 90% of 2/3 ligaments and a grade 3 high ankle sprain. I worked so hard to play football and out of a drill… it got taken away from me. This next season will hurt to watch my brothers and not be able to play. But I need to be their for them and support.

  7. Omg my knee was I injured for a long time, but from multiple fall accidents and not just one. I had my knee surgery which took 6 hours and I had to fly to Philadelphia bc no one in my own state would do such an invasive surgery. I even was allowed to pick the doctor and where I could have the surgery all on my own, but I think I made the right decision. This video gives me hope that I can heal my knee, maybe not to 100% bc that can’t happen like Victor, but I’m almost there. I can’t wait to be at the finish line 😊

  8. Something similar happened to my brother. He was out playing basketball, went for a layup, and just landed incredibly wrong. He's now had about 5 surgeries and still has issues with it. My brother is not a cryer, and to see him go through so much pain was tough. It's crazy how just one moment can really as he said, change your whole life. Glad you're able to get back out there. One day at a time….

  9. Hurt my knee and torned a tenant while dancing few days ago and this really helped to set a better mindset

  10. I actually cried watching this. My leg is in a full leg brace right now after knee surgery from dancing. I dont like my chances of dancing again but I need to try

  11. Hi Jeremy I did my ACL about a year ago now playing soccer. i’m still in intense rehab to strengthen my knee in order to return to the sport i love. thank you for sharing your story and helping my believe that i can and will go back to playing soccer

  12. Yo i had the same problem because i broke my right knee when i was playing rugby and 9 months later i felt that i couldn't play rugby the same way like i used to because i was too scared that it could breaks again but my teammates and trainers encouraged me to train and get confidence to my self

  13. This is very inspiring and relatable to me. About 5 years ago my knee exploded, too, as I was doing gymnastics (a double back off the high bar) and landed half on a mat. My LCL, ACL, and LCL completely tore and it took a year to recover. I am now coaching gymnastics and am able to do many things I used to against all odds. I appreciate videos like these and it reminds me how important it is to encourage others to persevere through tough times

  14. I dislocated my knee for the first time like 6 years ago just by waving my arms around, and its happened randomly & constantly ever since & Im currently recovering from patellar tendon reconstruction/replacement surgery (Im 1 week post op!). Im excited for the possibility of returning to even a semi-active life once I finish healing

  15. Congrats man.
    December 2018 I got into a motorcycle accident, the results were; I dislocated and broke my left hip, ligaments on my left knee got so bad and also broke my left ankle. I got surgeries on hip and ankle but the knee I had to wear a knee brace. It has been seven months since the accident and still can't move my left foot. I am going through Therapy to learn to walk again, I still can't though, but I use a walker or crutches and they have been helping me a lot. I know I have to keep pushing and that is what I do, keep moving forward.
    I am glad you are able to walk again, I am sure in the future I will be able to do the same.

  16. I saw a video of someone playing basketball then they broke their shin or something and it came out of their skin

  17. Tore my ACL in a soccer game 4 months ago, I really appreciate this video 🙂 reminds me to work hard and fight through the pain.
    Also, does anyone get Michelle Phan vibes from this guy’s calm voice?? 😅

  18. I just tore my acl, mcl and meniscus and ruptured everything. I’m on month 3 of rehab I had surgery 2 months ago. This really inspires me because I’m hesitant to play rugby again.

  19. Never give up , always put your heart and soul into to your self to get better, no one can do it for you, you have to do it for YOU.

  20. This is making me cringe my knee is in pain rn thinking about waking up in surgery!! Ahhhh thet would horrible and nasty and everything related to it! He is amazing I don’t know what I would do if I ever ended up in that amount of pain. I’ve played b-ball and fell on my knee 1,000 times and man am I lucky this didn’t happen to me. Now that’s the biggest oof I’ve ever seen.

  21. 👋
    It must hurt
    Nagia burned her. Leg and didn't go to Umrah because I burned my leg because of watching Eastenders😡😡

  22. It too me 1 yr to get better from a foot surgery Ihad.. after 3-4 mnths I was feelin desperate bc I thought id never get better but I tried to not give up and keep positive. Finally a yr later I was 99% back to normal. I’d say to anyone whos been tryin to get better and feel stuck to not give up! Be patient bc not even doctors know how long it’ll take for your body to heal. Just give it time and you will get better.👍🏼

  23. Guys my dad said if I get 2,000 subscribers he will by me a horse. Thanks guys and have a good day. 😃🙏🙏

  24. I needed this video. In april i got hit by a car. Before this i have been a dancer since i was 8, im almost 20 now. I had broken both my legs and im still trying to cope with it and learn not only to walk but i want to dance again. Ive been told im going to need pt for a long time. This video is what i needed to show that even if i cant be 100% as a dancer again that i still can enjoy it even it in not perfect again. Thanks for this video

    👇 (show me support too) ❤️💯

  26. Thank you so much for this video! I just had that same injury in February and it’s been rough. Your story of positivity means a lot. Again, thank you 🙏🏻

  27. i got knee surgery in june! i just turned 15. my first dislocation was 5 years ago and it got worse over the past two years. i had to quit soccer (which i played since i was 4) wear a knee brace for every sport i played. and then a year ago my right knee popped out for the first time. my left has always been worse and popped out more than my right. so i has to wear two knee braces all day every day. even when just walking around. i got my left leg operated on. apparently, my femur was rotated too far (one of the contributing factors of my knees popping). so i had a femoral derogation surgery (20° rotated to normal), an mpfl replacement and the other side of the mpfl was tightened. i’m 7 weeks post op and can walk with almost no limp. i have a titanium plate and 6 screws in my femur! next year i get the same thing done on my right leg!!

  28. Thank you for sharing your story, I had something similar done when I was doing something I love. I had a Fire cadet show case since I was helping display the drill skills we had learnt from the course to the Mayor of London as he invested £1 million into our youth organisation. I was running alongside the hose to give an instruction to my fellow cadet but my left knee gave out, dislocated and went back in shortly after I fell. I went for an X-Ray which showed normal results and was told to go to physio which I knew would not be useful because 8 months ago I had dislocated my other (right) knee from casual walking, but I had the ability to bend my leg after the swelling reduced in days. My left knee was different since the swelling did not reduce despite it being 2 weeks after the incident. I could not bend my leg more than 110 degrees without having a sharp pain that stretched up my thigh and down my leg my calf and it occasionally going into spasm. Additionally, on the same leg (left), I had perhaps pulled a muscle or a tendon in my knee which caused a shift in in my when I bent it 90 degrees or beyond whilst also giving me pain. My precious experience helped me understand there was more to it and I insisted on a MRI scan, which later showed a piece of cartilage had dislodged itself from behind my patellar and made its way to the back of the knee hence why it hurt to bend it. My injury was a rare case, so are no specific steps that should take place when healing, however they are using multiple different knee recovery steps to apply to my own. I had my surgery yesterday and it aches like hell and walking without baring any weight is a huge challenge. Additionally, I have to take around 12 tablets a day for pain relief, one injection a day and a liquid medicine. During all this, I had major faith in my surgeons and kept a smile all the way through. Patience and self appreciation/ love is key for this process, otherwise you would be more prone to be broken not just psychically but mentally and emotionally too.

  29. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Really nice story. Thanks for sharing. Happy to see that you got back your "Happy". Kudo's to your journey 😊🤙🏾

  30. Dude I experienced the same thing! And it was after a basketball game too😂 and right now I am (after 2.5 years) in the sports again! So be strong✊

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