My stay in Langkawi, Malaysia (Hostel near Cenang beach)

After arriving in Langkawi, I collected information from the Tourism Centre and visited the Langkawi Eagle Square. Now back to hitchhiking, to Cenang Beach. Got into a taxi, didn’t realise that. He thought that I needed a taxi. The reason I couldn’t figure out that it was a taxi was because that it wasn’t in the regular red-yellow colour. That’s a taxi. A sedan in the red-yellow colour. It’s better that the matter was sorted out in the beginning, otherwise could have led to problems later. A man has stopped for me but I doubt that it’s also a taxi. This must be a taxi. Somebody came back to give me a lift. They came all the way back, just to pick me up. There’s the Cenang Beach on the right. Slowly commercial properties like hotels and restaurants have started to appear. I’m quite close to my hostel and I can see a lot of homestays around. My hostel, Street Monkey Backpacker Hostel is about a kilometer away. Got it for 15 Ringgit. This is not part of my hitchhiking. The problem is that, the hostel that I had booked has got some problems. That’s why I can’t stay there. So this lady is taking me to a different place, which will be available to me at the same rate. As per what she says, it will be better than the one that I had booked. So let’s see how it goes! That location is also near the beach according to Google Maps. It’s name is Thai Villa. The surprising thing is that it’s quarter to seven and still so much daylight. These are the private rooms. Remove your shoes before entering. That’s the toilet. These are the lockers. This is the place where I’ll be staying. A different hostel but it’s nice! I’ve left both of my bags in the hostel and it feels so good! The black bag that I’m carrying feels so much weight! I’m just carrying a semi DSLR camera and one camera with which I’m able to talk to you guys! Now I’m going to Cenang beach. The receptionist at the hostel told me about this shortcut. Will take 15 minutes. It’s 7:15 PM, still so much daylight. Langkawi seems like a nice place! These are all hotels, hostels, homestays and guesthouses around me. 3.5 Ringgit per kg cloth wash, a laundry! Backpackers like me need this kind of service! You can find laundries like these at tourist destinations. I wouldn’t need the laundry service as I’ll be back home after two days and have a pair of clothes for tomorrow. Roti Canai was recommended to me by the person that dropped me at Ipoh. A lot of people around here! There’s the beach in front of me! It’s 10:40 AM and a Saturday. I have my flight back tomorrow. So it’s the second last day of my trip. Today I’ll be returning back to Kuala Lumpur from Langkawi. This is the common room of the hostel, Villa Thai. I’m just relaxing here and planing my onward trip. That’s the kitchen behind me. There’s the laundry. The rate is 5 Ringgit per kg. What to do if you have to leave your belongings behind supposing you’re going to use the washroom? While I’m in the washroom, I can keep my bags here. Always keep a padlock with you. As per my experience till date, keep a cardboard with you when hitchhiking. This will be a great complement to your showing of thumb when asking for lift. He was helping me hold my camera while I was writing on the cardboard. He asked me about what I did. I told him about my YouTube Channel. He is checking out the Mountain Trekker YouTube Channel. I’m about to leave now. Apit saw my YouTube Channel and helped as well. He liked it and offered me ice cream and soya milk. I’m leaving now and we’ve been connected on Facebook as well!

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  1. Bahi m bahut late se dekha tumhara video…….but tumko join kyse karu bahi ????……… jyse hamko current updates milte rahe ……..please reply me……iam wating ???????????????????????

  2. सुक्रीया आपको क्यो की आपके अन्दर घमंड नहीं है( टेक्निकल गुरु जी) के जैसा 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. अरे भाई आप के पास इतना पैसा कहाँ से आता है घूमने को…….भाई मुझे भी बताओ यार……भगवान भला करे आप का 9216210601

  4. Bro, I am from. Kerala. Just came across your channel today and I have to say it's just awesome. Feels like I am travelling to those places as well. You are such a nice, decent person. Best wishes for all your future endeavours and I am sure you will keep posting more videos.

  5. I am crazy fan of you that's why i create 20 Google account for subscribing your channel . Brother, pls pray for me. I want to be a pure traveller just like you. Love from Bangladesh.

  6. Hi brother.. Can u suggest best place to stay at cenang beach langkawi for family of 3. If u cud provide name of the hotel i cud look it up or if u have a direct contact of the owner i cud get a better deal

  7. Hi sir I want to know one thing can I carry Indian ingredients with me while going to kula as I am vegetarian and I love to cook our own food in trips. please let me know

  8. Hitchhiking is dangerous but I'm glad a good Samaritan picked him up. There's still good people in the world 💞

  9. सच मजा आ जाता है… विडियो like करना भूल जाती हूँ कि…… इसलिए अब विडियो शुरू होते ही like कर देती हूँ……… पर एक बात कहना चाहूंगी कि हर बार आपकी जगह खुद को रख कर सोचतीं हूँ…….. By God इतना डर लगता है 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨…. मुझसे तो नहीं होगा ये……. Thank you so much sir… Good wishes always 💕💕

  10. Hi Bhai app gumarahai tu hoo per app sahi Tara bata nahi rehei hoo nahi . app sahi Tara sei shoot bhi nahi karahei hoo sorry plz make it clear each n.everything I kaam karo thu Zara acha Karu k🌍😎

  11. Hello sir I am your new fan .today whole day I have seen ur video's .
    Sir I want also become a traveller ..

  12. Am From India My name is M.S.PATIL am From Bangalore…I liked Ur smile speech honest and Ur humble request for help…So Nice …Am Fan of U…Sir….I Need Ur Suggestions for Trip..Plz Help Me …send ur fb….varun sir

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