NeilPryde Glide Wind Powerbox Mounting Instructions

So today I would like to show you
quickly how to assemble the Glide Wind foil and then most important how to
check that it fits your power box well and what to do if it doesn’t. Normally
the foil will come in the box already with the base inserted but there will be
no bolt holding it together so in the bag, between the bolts there will be
this flat headed Torx which you insert in here. We strongly recommend using
some sort of anti-seize grease available at the local hardware stores and this
will really help removing the bolt later on after its been left with the salt
water and so on. You can use the Torx tool to tighten it really tight together. Once
this is ready it’s time to try and make sure it fits well in your power box. I’ll
show you an example of good fitting and not so good fitting board right now. So
first what you do you just take the foil and place it into the board without
tightening any screws so you can see here even just by very lightly pressing
without the bolt the plate onto the board it’s nice and tight. I try to
put a piece of paper and you can see there is no space. You have to know that
it’s normal that you might have on the sides a tiny little bit of space
like for example here and this is because of the different Vs in the
board. Really the most important thing is that you have a really good solid
contact in the front of the plate this is because here is where all the force
will be happening. Now I’m gonna show you how it looks in a board where it does not fit as well so we do the same thing just put the foil into the base without any screwing press onto the base and you can see there is a empty space in the
front. This means that the Box in the board it’s too shallow and the foil
it’s actually bottoming out. If you see that your board does not fit the foil
perfectly and there is some space in the front what you should do is use the
provided pad I brought a yellow pad especially so you
can actually see it. The one you get will be black. So this pad fits onto the
bottom of the base and the one you will get will have provided self-adhesive
backing so you can actually permanently attach it. So you can see now with pad in
place I press lightly onto the base and there is no space everything it’s tight
and you can put on your board and go sailing

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  1. How can you use a powerbox foil if the same company cant quarantee that it is safe?

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