Never Summer Type Two Review

hey everybody this is mike with the mountain
weekly news. Boy do have a treat for you, this is the 2017 Never Summer Type Two snowboard.
As you can see this board is a beast in the powder, its an A-sym twin tip snowboard thats
more on the freesyle side. Obviously the park kids are going to love this board. I love
Never Summer boards, especially in the pow, so poppy, so surfy, and quick from edge to
edge. Here I am at Targhee getting white roomed on some of the deepest resort days I have
ever seen.. This
is the Funslinger meets the Ripsaw. The Funslinger was my favorite snowboard last year.

34 thoughts on “Never Summer Type Two Review”

  1. Just demo'd this board over the weekend and it was amazing, I wanted to try out the fun slinger but I didnt have time to. can you elaborate a little bit on the different feel between the two of them?

  2. I'm torn.this or the funslinger?i really enjoy treating the mountain like a park but I'm scared the funslinger may be a bit soft?

  3. I'm looking at coming off a 169 long Skunk Ape for something more playful but with good edge hold for the somewhat icy conditions we get here in Oz.
    How would you rate this board on groomers and otherwise average snow?

  4. I'm buying this board this week. Just curious what length you rode and your size/weight. I'm 5'8" and about 175lbs. I'm not sure if I need the 154 or the 157. Suggestions..

  5. Have you rode the lib tech banana magic, and how do they stack up if you have? i'm trying to decide between the 2. thanks. or what about TRS?. looking for help

  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm 6ft and around 176lbs – what size would you recommend on the magic? I ride a160 Phoenix, but was thinking going shorter for easier butters and playfulness

  7. I'm new to snowboarding, and I've been looking to buy a board. Just wanted to know if you think that this would be a good board for a beginner? Also, I've been looking into sizing for boards based on weight and height, but I think I'm in a weird spot here :/ I'm about 5'10 but I only weigh about 120-130 lbs. What size do u think would be best 4 me? Any help at all would be much appreciated 🙂

  8. Hey Mike,

    Loved the video and the written review. I am having a very tough time deciding between this board and the T. Rice Pro HP Blunt 2017/Gnu Eco Choice. I also own a 156 funslinger and spent a majority of my time on it last season in a variety of conditions. I am looking to get a all mountain freestyle board that I can also take into the backcountry. Do you have an experience with the T. Rice Pro HP Blunt and if so, how does it compare to the Proto Type Two? Do you think the Proto Type Two would fair well in the backcountry?

    Thank you for your help!


  9. I was on the fence on this board because I wasn't sure if it would be that great in the powder… but I think your review has me sold! Thanks for the video!

  10. Hey so I board out east and hardly see any powder at all, mostly groomed trails unless I go through the woods. Will this board do well or is it more for powder riding?

  11. I'm in the market for a new board and am between this and a lib tech T rice Pro. I've been riding a skate banana since the 2nd Gen and love it's playfulness. Was out west last time for the first time in a while and didn't feel like I had full confidence in the Skate Banana and was thinking of getting into the Rocker/Camber profile. Have you ridden a T Rice pro? How would you compare the two? They seem really similar other than the Asym. design.


  12. Have a 2015 Proto HD and love it, but curious how much a difference the ASYM is with edge to edge, if it's that noticeable. I'm interested in the Funslinger and saw your video awhile back. I'm 5"10, 164lbs no gear on, and ride a proto 154. I've ridden Banana Magic, Skate, TRrice Pro, and Gnu Rider's choice. Love the Proto compared to all of those, but the most fun I've had was riding a 152 skate banana as edge to edge, it was insane. Thinking the Funslinger 153 may be similar but more stable at speed and carving.

  13. Hi, I have ridden the t rice pro for a few seasons it's a good board, but not the best if you like quick turns. I took the Early release never summer type two out with me along with my t rice pro last season to compare. I rode the type two for a day, then the t rice, and whoa what a difference. To be be fare I did size down a size to a 157 on the type two ( I'm 6' and about 90kg). After trying both I much preferred the type two, it was just so much faster edge to edge, it was playful, fast and very confidence inspiring. Mainly as the edge grip even in hard conditions is very good, much better than the lib. Because it gripped so well you felt confident to really push the board without it washing out. I also rode the type two in powder, and while not a free ride board was pretty good off piste. As an owner of both the t rice and the type two, for me it's a no brainer, get the type two, it just makes you a better rider;-)

  14. i bought a funslinger last year and love it! def good for smaller mountains where u wanna just make everything fun.
    is it worth it to buy a type two ?

  15. Hi there! I used this board in deep powder conditions once, and it had great float! Would you recommend a narrower stance for powder riding? I usually have it on wider for carving.

  16. all the reviews i've read have said its rubbish in powder but it looks to hold up great in it! im so tempted to buy one. I've seen a 157 on sale im 5ft 10 and 183 lbs am i a bit to heavy for it?

  17. i have ridden a ripsaw 2015 , 156 for two seasons and love it! any suggestion for the size if i get the proto type 2 ? I'm 5'9' and about 61kg, boot size us9

  18. you did set the bindings back in order to have more norse length? in case you did then by how much, i never did on mine thinking that since it is an asymmetric board this will actually not be a good idea but i see you are really in deep powder in this video so i wonder

  19. Hey man, awesome review! Do you think I should go for the 154 or the 157? I'm 5'10, 163lbs, size 10 US. I ride a bit of everything. Ive heard the board rides a little longer due to long effective edge? Thanks much appreciated!!

  20. Did you set your bindings back? Where i'm going next week has got tons of snow so was wondering whether to set my bindings back or leave them centred for riding regular and switch.

  21. Hi Man, thank you much for the video. This was what I was long time looking for. I would like to ask you if it is possible to ride Funslinger in Pow and backcountry. I am very easy rider only 131 lb so much boards are to hard for me. Would you recommend me better proto 2 or Funslinger for all mountaing fun .) ? thank you for answer.

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