New open-swim course brings safety to swimmers at Pineview Reservoir

I think it’s great to have a spot where
swimmers can come and not worry about boats and other machinery — waverunners
those types of things — it’s very important for members of the club to be
safe while they swim and have an area like this where we can get out and train for
our craft. When I first started swimming here we have always, up until this year,
we’ve met about a mile further down … …at Windsurfer Beach and water levels
have changed a lot over the years. We’ve always had the issue of boats. This is a very popular boating area and so when we come out we want to swim here because
it’s one of the few open water places in Northern Utah. A triathlete usually has
the competition is in open water so normally we can only train in swimming
pools which back and forth we have a line that we can see in, so sometimes we
have new triathletes will go into open water on their first actual triathlon
and then what ends up happening is they have a panic attack and they’re not able
to finish the triathlon because they’re not used to that dark water. They’re used
to seeing you know clear lines on the bottom. So what this does actually helps
prevent those type of panic attacks that happen when triathletes go into events. So now we have an area that we don’t have to worry about boats. It’s nice
having buoys out that provide a pre-measured course for us. We feel like
it’s safe. It’s, you know, it’s just nice having an area where we can enjoy the
swimming we like to do but do it in a safe way.

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