Nitro Prime Overlay 2020 Snowboard

Hello, I’m Marco, team rider of
Nitro Snowboards. Today I’m gonna present the Prime board. The Prime is a
super all-round board and especially suitable for beginners, I’d say.
It’s quite forgiving. Energy-saving, you might say. It has a flat area in the centre and out here on the nose and tail, there’s a
slight rocker integrated. That makes it very agile, forgiving and a great board for park and piste. But it rides also great off-piste. With this board here
there is a special topsheet. It is not so susceptible to scratches and has a matte look. I think it looks very nice. The base is also very easy to care. It actually glides well in every condition and it’s not so sensitive, if one day or another you forget to wax your board. Regarding
the width, the board is also available in a wide version. So, if you guys
have shoe size 44 or larger, it’s better to take the board one size wider. In order to
round the whole thing off, there is the Nitro Stacks binding. Together
they are the perfect set!

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