Northshore Platform Lifts — Boat Lifts for Serious Boaters!

Northshore Waterfront Solutions Northshore Waterfront Solutions (logo)
We’re called Northshore Waterfront Solutions and we design and build custom boat lifts
for clients just to make sure that they’re getting a unique boat lift that is specific
to their needs and suits their lifestyle and their boating needs. It’s super easy, our
clients love it you just get in your boat, you have a fab and at the push of a button
you lower your boat down you drive away and as you are approaching your boat house you
drive in and push the button again and it raises you back up. So it’s super easy.
The decking we use on the platform boat lift is composite decking and we use that because
it’s heavy and sinks into the water so when the platform is lowering into the water you
want something that is going to weigh it down so it doesn’t float. Any natural products
might deteriorate fast in the water so the composite decking is actually meant to go
under water so it just helps with the longevity of the lift.
We would design to whatever boat that you have in mind so depending on how heavy your
boat is, what type of boat it is, what kind of motor we will make sure that you have the
lift that can accommodate that boat. The lifts are really great because they really
feature a clean, clutter-free look inside the boathouse, you don’t want a bunch of towers,
cables, pullies that are obstructing your view. You want a nice clean view of your boathouse.
So, a lot of clients prefer that and the great thing about the system is it doesn’t have
to go in a boathouse, it can go outside on a dock and then again it just keeps your view
nice and clean and all you see is the beautiful scenery around you.
People like the fact that their boathouse is secure so they don’t have to worry about
people swimming up and underneath the boat and getting in and stealing things, they can
keep their valuables in the boat house and it’s locked up nice and tight and secure.
We have to look at how the existing boathouse has been built, is it on cribs, is it on steel,
we may have to do a bit of retro-fitting to make it work and make sure that the boat house
can accommodate the weight of the lift but we’ve been able to pretty much find a solution
for almost every client that we’ve talked to so far.
So some things to think about when you want to look at installing one of these lifts is
the water depth. You want to make sure that you have about 3 feet of water depth. Also,
from the top of the dock to the water, you want to have about 20-24 inches, so about
2 feet to give room to keep all the components underneath the deck so they are nice and hidden,
but then also out of the water. We have a wide selection of lifts. We’ve been
focusing on our flagship platform lift because it is very unique and new to the market and
we’re getting a great response from it but we sell anything from your standard boat lift
through to the hydraulic lift without a platform. Clients love our system because they take
great pride in their boats and the system can lift the boat totally up out of the water
with the platform underneath, you can completely clean and service your boat and keep it in
great shape. Closing Frame — Northshore Waterfront Solutions

60 thoughts on “Northshore Platform Lifts — Boat Lifts for Serious Boaters!”

  1. You use composite decking for the purpose of weighing it down so it doesn't float when lowered…? How about the 2,500 pound boat on top of it? That doesn't weigh it down?

  2. thats bad ass!!! that thing is nicer then my garage my boat and ski sits in lol thats money right there lol

  3. Moving a bit fast lady, your telling me about 3 feet of water depth etc. I don't even own a damn boat yet lol

  4. It's very cool. I'm still waiting on my mega millions ticket though!
    Go ahead and put me down for one just like in the video!

  5. Why is it that if someone has a lot of money, expensive boats and a boat lift that are instantly a knob and have no boating experience at all? I don't understand. A friend of mine is rich, and has a very expensive boat yet he is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced boater I know.

  6. Is it hydraulic.? How is "mechanically " lifted? Does it last in cold temps? It makes sense , but I think there is a lot more involved for the installation. What happens if you buy another/ bigger boat? Would you have to revamp the system? I like it it's a great idea, but you would have to sell me on the longevity of the system.

  7. Interesting, but I'll keep my camp in the woods & my boat on the trsiler where it belongs. Folks that own waterfront property are never serious boaters. Serious boaters go to a different lake every weekend.

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