its 12:30 pm Today is 30 September 2017 This is the second last day of my russian trip I am in Novosibirsk Tomorrow I have to catch a flight from Omsk to Delhi By the way, let me introduce my host He is Roman Roman and Sasha are my host in Novosibirsk Today I am going to buy some souvenir for my friends and family I will also explore this city on my own Its cold today This is a typical residential area of Novosibirsk Its very cold, I am wearing my cap This is a bus stop Novosibirsk is the third largest city of Russia… …after Moscow and St Petersburg Its population is 1.5 million Also, it is the biggest city in the Siberian part of Russia There are many international flights from this city This minibus is called Marshrutka in Russia If you still want to learn some more words, then watch all the videos of my Russian travel series Here comes our Marshrutka its 1:05 pm We are in the central part of the city Thats a tram We are going to a library Roman is going to attend a meeting and I will explore the nearby places We are back from the library This is one of the typical streets of Novosibirsk This film was based on Nicholas Roerich, the great traveller He is Nicholas and she is Helena Roerich, his wife This is his family Few year back I was in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh, India Naggar is between famous tourist places Kullu and Manali I stayed in Naggar for 2-3 days There I came to know about Nicholas Roerich’s art gallery I am not very fond of museums and art galleries Today suddenly I came to know about this place I saw this place in Google Maps In 1923 Nicholas went on a long & arduous journey He started from Darjeeling He went through Kolkata, Asansol, Varanasi, Delhi, Firozpur… Then he went to the city of Kasur (now in Pakistan) where my grandfather also went for a job India and Pakistan were not separated in those days This is why I have an emotional attachment with Kasoor/Kasur Then he went through Rawalpindi, Abottabad, Srinagar, leh and …. Then he leave India to enter Tibet Then he crosses Taklamakan desert, Mongolia to enter Russia After Omsk and Novosibirsk he visits Altai Mountains I was glad to know that he came from Himalayas to Altai mountains He stayed for few days in Altai mountains Then he took the Trans-Siberian train to reach Irkutsk, a famous travel destination This is the famous lake Baikal Then he came back through Mongolia, China to culminate his 5 year long journey in Darjeeling His journey completed in 1928 This topic may not be interesting for some of you but for me, from today onwards Nicholas Roerich will by my inspiration He also loved Himalayas and Altai Despite a Russian, he stayed for a long time in India. He spent his last days in Naggar Pt. Rahul Sankrityayan, Nicholas Roerich and many Chinese travellers are some of the great travellers Its time to leave, my friend Roman is waiting for me outside the museum Dima showed me this museum Its Dima who made this topic interesting for me Out of many people here, only he understood English The ticket fees is 200 Ruble 150 Ruble for English audio guide He has also visited India Both of them helped me to meet Dima This building is more than 100 years old This is how Russian buildings were made in ancient time This is the largest bank of Russia – Sberbank This is the oldest metro station of Novosibirsk, started operation in 1986 This is a big bus This ramp is meant for differently abled/handicappeds and prams There is a bus stop, here is super market thats a church these tracks are made for them so that they can easily access these areas I saw such ramps at many public places like train stations This show that the Russian society is very sensitive on this issue We should learn from them …. so that differently abled people in our countries can go here and there independently without getting dependent on somebody for their daily activities its 9:16 pm I have left Roman and Sasha’s home Now I am on the way to the train station this is a local bus There are lot of trains between Novosibirsk and Omsk There are 4-5 trains in the night Let’s see in which train I get a seat It takes 6 hours to reach Omsk Tomorrow evening at 4 I have a flight to Delhi Train stations are called Vokzal in Russian I paid 19 ruble in this bus to reach Vokzal The fare remains same irrespective of the distance I will be flying somewhere between Astana and Delhi at this time tomorrow All the Russian trains run at Moscow time This the information board which I can’t understand Instead of Omsk, Google translate typed Homes A lady came from inside. She knew English She helped me in buying the ticket The cheaper ticket costs 806 Ruble, whereas other one costs 1200 Ruble They will ask for your passport while booking a ticket They mention your passport number and other details mentioned in the passport on the ticket *Hindi movie dialogue* *Hindi movie dialogue* *Hindi movie song* This is my ticket Please never forget to take your passport back This is how the ticket is *Hindi movie song* Nice to meet you He is holding the camera and looking at it *Hindi movie song* I really enjoyed your company


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