Olympic Athletes Shirt Fell Off During Figure Skating Routine – PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games

How’s it going YouTube I am Landon Dowlatsingh
and I am back from Aruba I just landed a few days ago and I had a great time. As soon as I landed though I found out my
dads dog was going into a shelter to possibly be put down so I had to go save her. I landed at 10-11pm and I picked up my dads
dog just aftermidnight it’s been pretty hecktic lately with my dad at the hospital
and now dealing with a ton of family issues. If you guys want to see what happened and
want to see my dads dog click right over here. For you guys who have been around watching
Landon production for a while puppy use to appear in my videos so now I guess puppy is
back. Ok so I have a ton of stories to talk about
today so let’s get right into it. First up we have 22 yr old Yura Min was was
competing with her partner Alexander Gamelin in the figure skating team event when he shirt
came off. It almost came completely off but she was
able to keep her cool and fix it during her performance. Obviously because of this it cost her a better
score because she was out of sync with her partner at the times she was fixing her top. And it sucks her shirt came undown during
the first few seconds of her routine. Ok let me give you guys some more updates
of the Olympics and all of this information is at the time of this recording. The United States is in 5th place after they
won their first gold and silver medal. Canada is 4th for most medals winning 3 silver
and one bronze we are still looking for our first gold medal. It sucks this year for hockey because no nhl
players are representing their countries this year so I don’t think Canada will win gold
in hockey this year. Germany is in 3rd with 4 medals they have
3 gold medals and one bronze. Netherlands has 5 medals in at 2nd place they
have 2 gold 3 silver and 1 bronze. At the top of the standings right now is Norway
they are killing it with 8 medals already. They have 1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals. I think Germany or Russia who isn’t in the
top 5 yet will be at the top of the standings this winter games. Who do you guys think will win the winter
Olympic. And tell me what sports you guys are watching
this year if you are. I do have some more Olympic news, Figure skater
Mirai Nagusa has landed a historic triple axel during the Olympic games. She is a USA skater who became the first ever
American woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics. African American speeds skater Shani Davis
boycotted the winter Olympic opening ceremony. Shani Davis is very upset after he lost a
tie breaking coin toss to be the one chosen to carry out the countries flag during the
Olympic opening ceremony. Shani believes team made a dishonorable decision
so he decided to not even attend the opening ceremony and walk into the stadium with this
country. He said he will wait until 2022 to be chosen
to be the flag barrier. In his mind now its well I lost a tie breaker
for this year, I will forsure be the one to carry it out during the next Olympics. But something tells me with this years stunt
he pulled team USA will be chosing someone else. So this weekend it marked he 100th he since
women won the right to vote. This was a huge milestone in a time where
women was thought of as a second class citizen without the right to enjoy the same privileges
as men. Right now it seems like women can vote but
they are still not treated equally when it comes to being paid. The gender pay gap does seem to get closer
and closer but it’s still not their. Also in the news black panther became the
first marvel movie to get on the time magazine cover. This is a very highly anticipated movie and
it should break some records when it comes out. The movie is set to come out on February 16th. Right now the movie is projected to reach
over 150 million dollars in the opening weekend. This would put the movie as the 8th biggest
opening weekend in history. The record still belongs to Star Wars the
force awakens the movie brought in over 256 million. Here’s a
scary story, 71 ppl were killed after a Russian passenger plane crashed new Moscow. 65 ppl were passengers and 6 were crew members. No one survived. The Russian emergency situations ministry
told the media that only two bodies have been found at the site of the plane crash. Everyone else was spread out over a radius
of more than a half mile radius. The airline was heading to Moscow to the city
of Orsk near the Kazakhstan border. Over 150 Russian emergency services were on
the scene to deal with the incident. The airlines was Saratov Airlines and it was
flight number #6W703 and it crashed around five minutes after take off. Russians investigative committee said all
possible causes for the crash were being looked into. This passenger plane has been flying since
2010 and it was put into storage during 2015-2017 due to lack of parts. The plane re-entered service in February of
2017. The plane manifest has been uploaded onto
the internet. so we know who was on the plane. My condolences goes out to everyone who lost
their life in this plane crash
Also 3 British ppl died after a tourist helicopter crashed in the Grand Canyon in Arizona.4 ppl
did survive the crash and they were rushed to a Nevada hospital with life threatening
injuries. Right now it’s now clear what caused the
crash. Their was a near by wedding and witnesses
said they saw two ladies run out of the helicopter just seconds before it exploded. Another witness said one of the survivors
looked all bloody. Authorities haven’t released the identities
of the people involved in this accident and right now their are no updates with the survivors
who are in the hospital. Also in the news is Disney. They have just announced they are increasing
their Disney land park prices in salt Disney world in Orlando and at Disneyland in California. Magic kingdom tickets go up $4 Epcot, Hollywood
studios, and animal kingdom goes up by $7 parking passes is also going up. It’s up by $2 and the annual gold pass is
going up by $30. This has been upsetting a lot of people. Thousands take it to social media to address
their frustrations many say Disney is just trying to suck every last dollar out of people. Disney is a very valuable company being worth
almost 100 billion dollars. Next up we have 35 yr old Jon Venables has
just pleaded guilty for murdering James Bulger who was just a toddler. Jon kid napped James tortured him and than
killed him. Jon was also charged with possessing more
than 1,000 indecent images of children. So when asked the reason why he committed
this murder Jon said it was because he has been possessed by the devil and he actually
doesn’t really what Happened during the murder. Jon said it just felt like he was witnessing
the murder and not actually committing it. Jon also showed no remorse for his crime. Right now he is on suicide watch in prison,
and he’s waiting for his sentencing. I am hoping this guy is just left in prison
because I don’t want this guy who thinks he’s possessed by the devil to be in society. Ok how many of you guys remember this guy. well that was art attack aka my child hood. This guy inspired me to draw and be artistic. Well now he has become a rock star
Here is something else i thought wouldn’t happen their is now a tinder for dogs. Here is one year old cowboy who is seeking
a date. I think this is just the weirdest thing ever,
but maybe my dads dog is lonely and needs a companion. So you know what guys brb I gotta start swiping

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  1. "highest paid people in the world are men" yeah because females want the guys to do all the work while they sit in a bath waiting for you to get home..

  2. OMG why are you so dumb… the wage gap has been proven false numerous times and women have equal rights. It is even illegal to pay women less. Some people are payed more due to profession and experience nothing more.
    Men also tend to work more bigger jobs than women and it was how we were made, women aren't payed less than men when they have the same profession and experience.

    Get your facts strait.
    Edit:no offence

  3. You forgot the most important part of the James Bulger story. His 2 killers that you mentioned, kidnapped him from the shops when they were 10 and 11 years old. The victim James was just 2. Its a sad story. The kidnapping was captured on cctv.
    I'm not sure if i think the offenders should spend their lives in jail being so young. I actually thought they had allready been released.Landon must be talking about new charges.
    Having spent their whole teenage hood behind bars may of confused his sexuality? Im not defending the offenders, just letting you know there is alot more to that story. What they did to young james is deplorable and evil. His story ended on a train track, ill leave it at that. Google it if you are curious to find out more about James Bulger. But be warned, you may be disturbed.

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