Olympic Sochi video blog: short track and figure skating trainings

Hi, everybody! It’s 7 in the morning right now. We’re in Olympic Park and we are heading to training. What made you come to training at 7 in the morning? Marina and Oksana (Krasnodar): “All the great athletes work out here”. When else would we see them? The Olympics in Sochi are a really big deal for us. Who are you going to root for? For the Russians, of course. For who specifically? For Yulia Lipnitskaya and for Volsazher and Trankov in figure skating. Anna (Novosibirsk): “I really like being here when they train for short track”. I didn’t think that I would see short track, but it turned out to be really entertaining. I can’t wait for Russian figure skaters to perform, either. Who are you going to be rooting for? For (Yulia) Lipnitskaya. What do you think about her performance? Yulia’s amazing! The Korean coach is preparing the ice for skating. The short trackers have finished their training. And now an expert is checking the ice to make sure that it’s suitable for the skaters. In just a little bit, they will surface the ice. Then our wonderful skating pairs will hit the ice to train. Was it hard for you to wake up so early today, at 6 o’clock, to come here? No. I was looking forward to this event so much that I didn’t even sleep at night. Who are you going to cheer for? I’m going to cheer for the whole Russian team. That’s Volsazher and Trankov, and all the other pairs really impress me, too. What would you like to say to all our fans? Cheer for our guys, support them, and keep in mind that each one of them is defending our country’s honor in the Olympics. It’s an extremely responsible and exciting moment for them. So let’s support them.

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