ONE DAY IN MY LIFE AS A SOLO TRAVELLER | Driving through Virginia

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] just put gas in the car for the first time and whoa gas is crazy and expensive here certain parts con Valda offer Tobin vena a fertile piano with some akeem akio an especially soon from can be automatically win day and someone become a panda pin directly servitor yo Spencer LED color hospital vintage ink with all re mucosal move in a film every apartment just for my memory to remember it and this was my favorite one in the u.s. so far and I even forgot to film the house it was very beautiful the hosts were two girls a couple she was turkish and the other one was American April and the Turkish one had the most beautiful day I don’t remember it guys they have such a cozy home not too big not too small very cozy and comfortable very open it was such a beautiful home but I forgot to make video of it so yeah now it’s late and today it’s Eastern which is a big day in my family usually I am a bit sad not to be there because they just had lunch all together and I wasn’t able to be there but still I have to make peace with with that I I just FaceTime them and it was wonderful I love to meet them all even if just for a virtual meeting you know it was very beautiful but it’s very late now it’s like almost soon and I have a lot to do today I have to do a hike and to visit some cavern I need to go I just wanted to say that they fed me they I came yesterday late in the evening and they gave me some dinner and this morning they made me breakfast they were so nice and I had such a great time with them really Thank You April lately I really appreciated that that’s also the house where I basically spend my Easter which is quite important to me even if I’m not religious but yeah thank you I also forgot to mention that yesterday there was a full moon and I have a thing for phone I don’t know it’s always a special night when there is full moon and yesterday upon what was happening there was also a full moon pretty emotionally intense day for me what I’m trying to say also forgot to mention that in that house there were there were a cat Rupert very beautiful but not very cuddly and a dark Filipino dog her name was wrong I have always had some problems with dark a bit of fear I’m trying to overcome this fear because I don’t like it it’s stupid irrational and this time this dark was the first one with whom I have been feeling comfortable so he was amazing he was but I’m starting out this hike which lolly and April just made it should be just 1 hour or less hike but they said it’s very steep and I don’t have the equipment to do this but still I’m trying don’t even have a backpack here [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] I’m sorry that the like always I’m very happy that I came here Thank You Lally for the suggestion it’s great actually it’s time for deep talk I feel like sitting on for five minutes and talk about something very important I’ve always thought that the best thing to do is the one you feel comfortable in like if you feel comfortable doing something that means that you are yourself when you do it and that’s a good thing so if you if you’re doing something you’re not comfortable in that means that it’s not the right thing to do for you that you are somehow not being authentic well that’s what I thought for my whole life I believe I was raised up thinking like this it’s a very common way of thinking for where where I come from but now in the last times I change this opinion and well now I believe the opposite I believe that in most of the cases it’s a good thing to just the Americans use this expression get out of your comfort zone this is something in Italy you will never hear saying it’s not something that belongs to a culture to our culture really and very attached to our place is our families and we don’t like to go out of that too much but I think it’s good if we bring something new to this way of thinking nowadays I try to do the opposite so I try to do things that feel uncomfortable to me why do I do that because it stimulates me to discover something new to explore things and finally to be a better person why because if you always do just what you’re comfortable doing that you end up being closed-minded you know you’re just in that safe place and in your comfort zone yeah it’s really like it so for example I am a person who is fundamentally very shy but I learned thanks to my friend Julia not to be shy but especially in front of the camera I feel very comfortable I never took any self I didn’t even let people taking pictures of me I don’t have so many pictures of my life because I don’t like being in them I don’t like my image and I’ve I just feel I feel we are the in front of the camera and when I decided to start a YouTube channel I really wanted to do it because of the value I could bring to the people but yeah I had this big problem that YouTube is a video thing and you have to show up in the video my Italian part worth was telling me you shouldn’t do this because you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera this means that you you are not yourself in front of the camera because it doesn’t feel fit well to you but my new me told me to do that because it was good for me to get out of my comfort zone and to experiment this new experience you’ve seen that in the videos I was very goofy in the first videos now is still goofy but I feel it’s getting better day by day probably I should have done this video in Italian because I want to address especially to Italian people do something different experiment get out of your comfort zone do something that makes you feel uncomfortable it doesn’t matter if you eat it if it makes you feel uncomfortable it’s even better because it forces you to experiment things do exist your your range to open your mind okay back to the car it took me 25 minutes to come back and just 30 to go up so this is very strange I will continue driving and I’m having these cupboards I don’t remember the name I will tell you later I still have to figure out if they are open or not if they have place for me to go inside if I have time even to do that so let’s see to put gas and to take something to it and it felt a bit strange I mean it felt really provincial how do you say that we’re almost only man here because I’m a foreigner you know it was kinda strange anyway so yeah what I actually wanted to tell you is that I purchase some some of this I think this is dry meat I’ve seen that in this in the movies in American movies I’ve never tried it so I’m very curious about this looks weird though fish on this thing taste is horrible it’s horrible I don’t know how they can eat it but I’m gonna eat it anyway you know it has like on the outside is like me but it’s very strange it’s like artificial me I knew how to explain that it’s like plastic meat it’s very very soft not like the normally it would be and then the problem is that it’s like meat pipe and in the center you have a kind of a liquid thing which is sweet but smoky I don’t really understand what it is I don’t know if it’s cereal you can say that it’s sweet but it’s not supposed to be sweet of course it’s still sweet so it’s very weird and very salty spicy as well okay I finally found a grocery store which is open on Sunday Eastern now I will show my way to eat smart when your trouble no just when you’re traveling really also if you are out of your home and you don’t want to spend too much but still you don’t want to it’s just sandwiches and pizza slices and stuff like that like you’ve got to it’s the good stuff sometimes so this is how I do it without spending too much money of course I just purchased a bag of baby carrots already peeled already ready to eat and then I purchased two apples like this which costs more than the other stuff I don’t know how peoples are so expensive here I don’t know why then I bought one jar of crunchy peanut butter this has just you just read the label you know it says ingredients Organic peanuts sea salt and of the ingredients so this is the good one this is the one you want to to buy it’s more expensive than the other ones yeah I don’t know really why because it’s it’s still just peanuts basically the other ones has just a little bit of sugar and added oil in it this was four dollars the others the regular ones for where two and something dollars so almost a double but it’s worth it I mean four dollars here the peanut butter is so unexpensive in Italy if you want to buy a little jar like half of days of peanut butter the sheet one you would pay I don’t know how much would you pay that I feel mean even three thousand three euros so it’s like minimum five dollars four inch jar of peanut butter yeah so this is what I do my hosts this morning gave me like a little pack of plastic cutlery which is for because they gave me an avocado as a gift because I told them that I love avocados and then it’s very difficult to find some good ones in Italy so what they gave me an avocado so they gave me this cutlery and now it’s useful for that for the peanut butter because I’m gonna just pour some peanut butter on the Apple before I bite it it’s just that simple guys I’m gonna do it right now and I’m not gonna show you because I need two hands to do it I arrived to the grand caverns ingress practice don’t remember the name of the place but in two minutes the last tour with of the day will start so I have to hurry [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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