One dead, two injured in Laurel Lake boating accident

A DAY ON THE LAKE… TURNED DEADLY. TONIGHT… INVESTIGATORS SAY A BOATING ACCIDENT KILLED ONE PERSON.. AND BADLY INJURED TWO OTHERS! POLICE SAY THE BOAT CRASHED LATE THIS AFTERNOON ON LAUREL LAKE… NEAR THE FLATWOODS BOAT RAMP. THAT’S WEST OF CORBIN. GARRETT WYMER IS TRACKING THE INVESTIGATION TONIGHT. HE’S IN LAUREL COUNTY WITH OUR TOP STORY AT 11. What was a beautiful day to spend on the lake took a terrible and tragic turn. A conservation officer with Fish and Wildlife says it was around 4:30 when three people on a boat – a father, his daughter and her friend – crashed into the bank. We’re told one woman was killed. Two others on the boat were both taken to UK Hospital. “Fish and Wildlife officials say nobody actually saw the crash happen, but some people in a pontoon boat went by shortly after, heard them yelling and stopped to help.” Crews were out on the lake for hours investigating. “Much like investigating an accident on land except there’s no skid marks to look at, and you just have to look at what you can.” Investigators did find evidence that led them to believe alcohol and drugs were a factor in the crash. “When you combine the environmental factors of being on the water, an unsteady environment where you’re at compromised balance and dexterity to start with, along with the fatigue of being in the sun, then add alcohol to it – alcohol and water is a very dangerous combination on the lake.” And on this day, investigators say that dangerous combination proved to be deadly. In Laurel County, Garrett Wymer, WKYT. BECAUSE INVESTIGATORS THINK ALCOHOL AND DRUGS PLAYED A ROLE… THEY SAY, IT’S POSSIBLE ONE OF THE SURVIVORS COULD FACE CHARGES… ONCE THEY DETERMINE WHO WAS DRIVING THE BOAT.

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