Our Winter Hitchhicking Part 5.Where Is Our Passports, Or Couchsurfing In Slovakia

Next cities in our trip were Bratislava, Martin and Kosice I posted this morning CouchSurfing reviews There is a system so that you see a review that wrote about you There is such a system when only you two would write Then the reviews appear both at once I write reference the boy from Budapest, read about us He’s written a pile of cool And in the end wrote: “Do not forget the next time sock, which I kept for you” Displaying Sofia it and she said: “Fathers, God..there they are ..!” She forgot in Budapest socks, but that’s OK I once forgot a Vinytsa toothpaste in Lutsk forgot his favorite T-shirt Sofia went with our host for meditation They’re going meditating then communicate For me it is not so interesting, so I will go walk in city Sofia gave me a backpack
In it there Ukrainian flag I walk with him ..
I hear Ukrainian speech And the guy says, “Hello”
It turned out that he is from Ukraine Even my area, he lives 30 kilometers from my town Hi Ukraine (English)
Hi Ukraine (Slovak) I Yura Martin I am very pleased to meet these people and Denis Sofia I work in a small theater manager We have a small cultural center in Martin We organized there movies, concerts, theater, etc. My second job is printed on T-shirts I love to travel, I visited many countries in Europe All Balkans, Northern Europe Travel is a good way to meet new people, learn about other cultures Taste the other dishes
This is great Good luck and goodbye) I laughed with Sophia that she forgot his socks And today, when we went to Kosice became one funny situation We left Martin, our host drove to the gas station, stoped car We’re going, going, about 20 minutes I started to remove mountains I saw that camera dont have power, must charge Power Bank in my little bag.. in little bag was our passports..and other documents I tried to find it..But little bag probe where no ..) Well, we are not far from town
It turns out we forgot it in our host We are about 50 km from Martin, the driver rang our host And the host is bring it to us People are very helpfull to us ..
And the drivers gave us a lot food) So yes..Avtostop and CouchSurfing is very dangerous And sleep all night in hostels, because the on CouchSurfing is only maniacs When you hitchhicking, drivers are only killer, not all are friendly and want to eat you 🙂 So..Little bag are in place -Little bag are In place, stop to Košice The children also go? -Yes
-Has only child? -Has 6
-6 Children ??! From one woman How many years they have? -Doughter 25
-This Is the oldest?
-Yes Son 23 policeman Aa, well, it is clear why you are so going 160)) -Son 22 he is ..
-Fireman You need to have someone in the hospital) Son, student, 20 daughter 14
7 little daughter Goodbye There is cool castle Really Simply it is not visible The trucker drop us to Presov We stood at a gas station near 30 minutes
Already started freezing little bit And we stop guess who?? Just think, how its amazing, that we staed on gasoline, where stoped this man Hello, my name Natiliya, I am 28 years old (Slovak) Hi, menezvaty Matthew, I am 25 years old (Slovak) We Kosice and this is our first kauchserfery after 2 years I count our guests as a very interesting and intelligent people I use CouchSurfing began 2 years ago when I traveled in France I traveled a lot in sports In osnanni years I ride a bike, myrazom yizdym bikes and sleep in a tent And two years ago we were in Montenegro In the summer we are planning a trip to the island half Pireneskyy Spain and France
So if you’re Spanish and you want to meet us You have the chance now! In Kosice our trip was ended
we still wanted to go to Poland But the snow began to melt and the road was dry In such circumstances hitchhicking is almost not real Summary We drove 4 counties, 8 cities and 2000 km by hitchhicking The jorney lasted In this trip we spent 1200 grivnas(40 USD),and this is for both Yes, maybe it was little crazy,that we went to restorant and caffe with our own porige But we are young, we can! Hitchhicking in winter its hard, but real But i dont know if i will do it again summer is soon, and its the best time for traveling So dont sit at home No matter where you will go, for 3 momths in Europe, or one day to the neighbor area The main thing, that you are not sit on one place I am not sure when will be next video, so subscribe to my channel,for not miss it Bye to the new adventures!

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