Outdoor quad skating: backwards hopping to stop!

Hey, it’s me again! What’s up? So, another technique I’d like to show you to avoid wear and tear on your toe stops when you’re out and about, Is hopping backwards toe stops. This is advanced. ADVANCED! A couple times I almost rolled my ankle doing it? So, I’m on my known on my league as, like, a toe stop kind of maniac. Like, I use them too much. But this is a nice skill to have in your arsenal… …I guess? it’s definitely about balance and the tensile strength of your ankles and how comfortable you feel about your momentum on your toe stops. So using a backwards hopping toe stop – let’s see if I can get a good angle – Okay, turn, and then hop to a stop. Again, uh, tests the ankles. Not super safe. Okay, turn, and then I hop backwards. So if you’re doing that, ideally, you’re not skidding at all – it’s just a hop. I don’t know what else to say about it. Probably don’t try this unless you’re like me. I’ve been skating for like four years, and I practice toe stops by myself! But if you’re an advanced outdoor skater, you want to skate outdoors more often, and find yourself yourself to skid, and kinda grind them off, like use them like Kleenex, this is a fun thing to try. Probably try it at the rink first! Okay, I’m out! Bye!

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