Paddling With Kids | Do They Need to Wear a PFD?

Does a child who can confidently swim
without a lifejacket need to wear a lifejacket when paddling a canoe, kayak
or stand up paddleboard? It’s a good question and the answer is yes—and
here’s why. When going for a swim, the child gets to make a number of important
decisions that give them control of the situation. The child gets to decide where
to swim, when they’re ready to go, how they’ll enter the water and how far from
shore they’re comfortable traveling. If the child unexpectedly falls into the
water from a paddle craft, the child loses control of all these decisions and even
if they’re in a relatively safe situation when it happens, the element of
surprise easily results in panic. On top of this,
the child could have easily and unknowingly paddled themselves further
from shore than they can confidently swim in both cases a lifejacket will not only
help reduce the panic, but it could save a life. Learn more about all things
paddling at PaddleTV on YouTube.

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