Parrot Bebop 2 FPV x Mike Morrissey – A Surfer Drone Filming Journey

[Music] I’ve always loved that feeling of being in there whether I’m surfing mountain biking or now even with filmmaking there’s a really strong connection for me between all three [Music] my dad was a photographer and so I guess he got me into photography when I was really little I liked to take photos in the video and then do editing and draw and I guess I’ve always have [Music] surfing’s always been the cornerstone of my life and it’s giving me the opportunity to travel the world and meet new people well it gave me a like something to point my camera out I guess you know like go in all these different places and I would always take my camera’s on trips and get clips of you know like like all my friends when I’m sitting on the boat or whatever so these days just surfing with my friends and going in and I’d split it’s like really fun again yeah thanks pretty much a non-stop when they have a day to do stuff we don’t waste time we couldn’t go from one thing to the next surfing a mountain biking are kind of similar it’s like you gotta find a flow as a surfer when I’m mountain biking I pretend that little berms or I like little lips on a wave to smash with your back tire it’s almost like you’re like doing the turn on a wave I got into films like when cameras were like big giant shoulder camera with a VHS tape in it yeah I was a girl and I just skateboard it around and we just filmed everything I’ve always had a little toy remote-control helicopter and when I saw drones with cameras on it was like natural that I was gonna be stoked on it it seems like it’s designed specifically for everything that idea is to chase me around it’s really fun to get footage back from a drone – it’s just the most insane perspective the follow camp thing is insane for me it changes everything because almost all my friends ride so normally we have one guy who’s gotta fill them so we’ve got this chance of everybody ride and get a clip flied in it [Music] every day is a chance to push myself athletically or if it’s creatively somehow it’s nice to know when the sun’s going down that you did everything you could that day and that you’re gonna wake up the next day and do it again [Music]

27 thoughts on “Parrot Bebop 2 FPV x Mike Morrissey – A Surfer Drone Filming Journey”

  1. Parrot est la meilleure marque drone du monde !!!! J'espère que le nouveau drone qui sera annoncé le 14 septembre sera tenir tête à la concurrence !

  2. Vous pourriez mettre en place des sous-titres en français svp ?
    Surtout que Parrot est une entreprise française… ??

    Aussi non, superbe vidéo ! Le Bebop 2 est vraiment impressionnant ! ?

  3. That is super cool !!! I love to film surfers with my Bebop 2. I also have a DJI Mavic Pro but given the Bebop's easy flying I achieve really good quality vids with it !!!  Here are some of those california surfing moments.

  4. Slt a tous je fait des vidéo de drone grâce à mon drone parrot bebop 2 et du vlog si sa vous intéresse venez faire un tour sur la chaîne ?

  5. Do not buy Bebop drones they fall out of the sky for no reason at all not do to Pilot error or weak battery they just shut off in mid-flight parrot knows about this and does nothing to fix the problem this is a garbage product toy Drone with professional price beware it will shut off mid-flight and your are out $600 plus damages it does when it falls out of the sky get to real thing dji

  6. Really it does that sort vids. I so want to pick a bebop 2 power but the bad camera quality stopsit from doing it

  7. Nice..I like it. .yup I have a bebop 2 also.. feel free to check out my vids..Wooow. Very nice
    Please check out my teaching videos. Thanks

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