PBS Hawaii – HIKI NŌ Episode 608 | Island School | Champion Bodyboarder

[OCEAN WAVES] Dave Hubbard, dropknee world champion, began
his bodyboarding career to follow in his brother’s footsteps. When my brother Jeff turned professional,
I was here at Island School in middle school. I thought, Hey,
if my brother can do it, I want to do that, too. I became a professional bodyboarder through
gaining enough competitive highlights and getting
enough pictures that a company saw value in me. And so, they
wanted to endorse me as a professional bodyboarder after I graduated high school. He continues his successful bodyboarding career
because of his passion for the sport and because of the
feelings he experiences in the water. It’s a really comfortable space. To me, it’s
my passion, so it’s a time that my mind is able to kinda clear.
I think of all sorts of stuff, but it’s best when I’m not thinking about anything and I’m
just allowing what’s happening out in nature to just come
through. It’s a real, like, visceral experience, too, and
intimate if you’re getting connected with the water. So, that happens best when I’m
not thinking about anything. Dave Hubbard has won numerous bodyboarding
titles, most notably the world title and men’s division
title. My highest point might have come recently
when I was in Portugal. I got my sixth dropknee world title
there. But at the same contest, I won the men’s division. But I had never won a men’s
division in a world tour event before, and since I’ve been
competing on a world tour for about ten years, you know,
seeking at least an event championship, that was a pretty high point in my career. Because of the inconsistencies of sponsorship
as a source of income, and because of the want to
contribute back to the community, Dave was prompted to start his own bodyboarding company
with his brother. The industry goes through ups and downs, and
it’s difficult to have a long-term sponsor that has integrity,
and also that you have a future in. So, it was a mutual idea that my brother and I had
to become independent from sponsorships on the board
level. And so, that was going to allow us to kinda dictate
where we could go, start controlling our own destiny with the board company. My role in
Hubboards is, I’m a consultant for my brother Jeff. Jeff’s
pretty much the boss. He’s in charge of marketing and
promotion, and design. And so, I consult for him if he wants some advice or my opinion
on things. I hope that it can grow, become stable and self-sustaining,
and ultimately that it can help sponsor young guys and do a lot of positive things for the
sport, so that the sport can grow. David looks forward to continuing in competition,
as well as shooting photos and video to promote his
brand. As for the business side of it, he’s happy to keep contributing to his brother’s
efforts to grow the brand and give back to the sport they love
so much. This is Jacob Dyslinger from Island School, for HIKI

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