peachy! – falling for you ♥ (ft. mxmtoon) (lyrics)

*rad music fades in* Eh heh heh I was hangin’ with you, and then I realized I didn’t think it was true, I was surprised when I’d found out I’d fallen for you. (laa-aa-aa) I didn’t wanna believe my feelings for you I didn’t wanna believe that I could loose you if I told you just how I felt but I can’t help it I’m falling for you and I can’t quit it cause I’m stuck on you and it might be pathetic and you might be skeptical but I just want to be with you please tell me boy can you get a clue or come through cause I just want to be with you I’m scared… of telling you how I feel maybe it’s better if I just try to conceal the truth for me and for you but I’m still stuck on you oooh I- I’m still falling for you (for you) for you *rad music fades out*

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  1. When I listen to this song I just think about all the bad things in my life and then I cry it out and I feel better every time I listen to this

  2. If I get 5 likes until tomorrow I'll tell my friend(well, she's my crush as well) that I like her a lot ❤️
    EDIT: she said shes' straight and that we can't be friends anymore because it'd be awkward.. Saw her kissing my brother this morning.

  3. 2 likes and I'll tell him I love him…

    I'm not even ganna like I don't want this to happen HE'S MY ONLY FRIEND!!!

  4. So guys.. I'm gonna tell u something

    So… My crush lets call himmm…. Anthony. K so Anthony just asked me like a few days ago if I would like to give him a kiss one time soooo i was like 'yes I mean I'm still in love with you soo yeah why not' (he already knows I'm in love with him) so I asked if he would do it too and he was like 'same'

    (In my mine obviusly driving crazy)

    Before he said that to me he broke up with his gf

    (I was like wat the fuck bro)

    And then I told him like

    'But I dk how..'
    And told him I was watching vids of how to kiss (lmao)

    So we are about to kiss in a few days I'm literly so happy❤

  5. everyone: i sent this to my crush!! he rejected me/we're dating!!$

    me: i sent this to my crush.. oh wait she was already my girlfriend

  6. ตามมาจาก วิศวกรรมประสาท(แดก) ของ จิตติเรน จ้าาา

  7. I asked my friend what his favorite song was, and he said it was this. I mean, I'm a little skeptical though. I hope this isn't his favorite song, but actually how he feels about uh… me. I'm definitely blushing as I'm writing this lol. We'll see 😊

  8. I was hangin' with you and then I realized

    I didn't think it was true

    I was surprised

    When I found out I've fallen for you (ah)

    I didn't wanna believe my feelings for you

    I didn't wanna believe that I could lose you

    If I told you just how I felt

    But I can't help it

    I'm falling for you

    And I can't quit it

    'Cause I'm stuck on you

    And it might be pathetic and you might be skeptical

    But I just want to be with you

    Please tell me, boy

    Can you get a clue?

    Or come…

  9. Half of comments: *iF I GeT 1o0 lIkEs iLl sEnD tHIs To mY CrUsH*.

    Other half: people are just trying to get likes

    Me being a huge nerd: thinks of Keith Kogane because real people suck

  10. i’m in the most toxic relationship ever and i don’t wanna admit it but i can just sit with him and look deeply into his eyes and we’ll both just lip sing this to eachother i really wanna belive it’s gonna work out when it wont

  11. ɧɛƖƖơ ɬɧıʂ ıʂ ʝɛŋŋყ


    ıɬʂ ɧɛཞ ც-ɖąყ ʂɧɛ ɠı۷ıŋɠ ʄཞɛɛ ƈąƙɛ ɠཞąც ą ʂƖıƈɛ!!!


  12. Okay but actually if this gets 500 likes ill send this to my crush

    ℐ𝓉𝓈 𝓃ℴ𝓉 ℊℴ𝓃𝓃𝒶 𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓅ℯ𝓃

  13. aaaa i have feelings for a boy and girl, but I lost contact with the boy and is trying to figure out my true emotions for the girl (long story—). So, I’m uh, making an animatic with this now—

  14. everyone: 100 LiKeS anD i'LL seNd THiS tO mY cRusH

    me: i don't even have her number…

    tottaly didn't steal this from dollsonarainbow

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