Peak Preview – 11/27/19

Hey everybody and welcome to the 2019-2020 ski season! You thought it would never be here but its right around the corner. There has been a ton of changes happening to the mountain over the summer and over the past couple weeks, and we’ll go over some of those things but one of those changes actually happened to our very own Peak Preview. Welcome to my office, hope you like the decor—cue that intro! Welcome everybody to the new Peak Preview, your weekly view into what’s happening around the mountain. The news everyone has been waiting for: Opening day. We will be opening this Friday, the 29th, for skiing and riding. Lifts will be spinning from 9 am to 4 pm and we will have 10 trails open. The beginner hill, bluster and Gusty will be open in the base area, Valley slope and Whisper will be open in the Valley area, and on the main mountain we will have East Wind, Lower East Wind, Cyclone, Lower Tornado and Squall Line. Just as a note, that also means there will be no beginner terrain from the Summit. Lift ticket prices on Friday will be $39 for adults and $29 for junior tickets. One of the first things you might notice coming up to the mountain is the new expansion that we are doing to the main lodge. We have been working all summer on its construction and it is nearing completion. As construction is still going on not all of the main lodge is open but all the important things like the ski shop, cafeteria and sled pub will be open from day one. For snow conditions we have had some crazy weather the past week but our snow piles held strong and we are still left with a base depth of 8 to 24 inches of machine groomed loose granular. Thats the stuff right there. Cooler temperatures will be moving in this weekend giving us the temperatures needed to fire snowmaking back up on Friday, more trail openings are soon to follow! Whisper will have a mini terrain park setup for Friday, and for that we have Colin down in the Terrain Park to give us a little show-around. Colin? Thanks Nick. We got 8 features here in the Whisper pop-up park Lets go take a look. Thanks, back to you Nick. Thanks Colin. Last up, Peak Preview is looking for photo submissions! Send us your favorite photos of you having fun out there on the hill using these hashtags and we will pick our favorites every week to re-share. Well that does it for this episode of peak preview, if you are excited as we are for opening day make sure to drop a comment or like down below And look forward to seeing you all out there on the slopes, Lets go!

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