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Good morning viewers, time is 6:00 A.M We’ve planned to go Thekkady this weekend We’re 5 of us Travelling in my friends car 4 of us are here 5th person is in Batlagundu We’ll call him and disturb his sleep anyways Parked our car in a corner and We had our break fast in ‘Chitra Bhavan’ It’s in ‘Dharapuram’ area and taste is good It tastes like homemade food and when you’re travelling from Coimbatore to Thekkady This is a best place to have food. Travel with Theera Ulaa Rajuma, Say ‘Hi’ Time is 11:30 A.M, we’ve picked up our friend We’re starting to Thekkady Suppose if you’re planning a trip to Thekkady then Madurai is the nearest bus stand and Even if you’re flying then Madurai is the nearest airport We just saw the farmers and their agriculture landscape It’s the backbone of India They’re Innocent people Our next destination will be ‘Theni’ Let’s meet in ‘Theni’ Theni( Honey-Bee in english) Doesn’t sting us I hope Ilayaraja won’t claim any copyrights for Travelling to ‘Theni’ Even if he asks we don’t have anything other than Bus tickets Tamilnadu has got 3 C.M from this district M.G.R stood for election in ‘Aandipatti’ Jayalalitha took over the party in same ‘Aandipatti’, O.Paneer selvam is from ‘Periyakulam’ area. Everything is inside ‘Theni’ district Started the video? When we were starving This Hotel Jayavilas Served the purpose , so when you’re hungry and if you’re travelling in this route Come to Jayavilas without hesitating After completing the lunch in theni We’re moving to ‘Kambam’ in ‘Chinnamannur’ route Food was good in the hotel We’re near the Periyar national park ticket office We need to park the car here Over here and Buy the ticket there and then stand in the queue for taking the bus Bus takes you to the boating point in half an hour. After you get down there You need to purchase the ticket for boating separately Bookings are open online as well it helps you to avoid the queue else you’ve got to spend time for buying tickets in the counter Periyar Tiger reserve covers about 925 Sq.Km Many animals habituated here such as Tiger, Panther Black panther, Leopard, Wild elephant 45 species of water birds 44 species of snakes Cobra, Phython … What is the best time to See the animals Morning and Evening are the best Other than boating we have many other programs like Nature walking, Bamboo rafting, Hiking Green walk, Tiger trail, Border hiking Pugmark trail for small kids and many other activities Lots of ‘Thekku’ tree is under the lake so it’s called Thekk-ady(under) We must visit this place atleast once in our lifetime We came back from Thekkady Periyar boating Only the Periyar Boating is allowed to visitors every month in a year, other parks are closed in monsoon season I think they must close this as well There’s not much of animal sightings here except an Elephant I’d see that behind my house itself Better to avoid the boating in December Other cheap ways they’re using to earn is They restricted private vehicles to enter near to the boating place and instead they’re only allowing govt. bus which costed us 120 R.s for us and parking fee is 80 R.s This is an unethical way to make money in tourism We didn’t see any tigers today Guess they must have gone to Sabarimala to see Ayyapa We saw few birds on the way like Kingfisher etc We missed out boat which is 1:30 hour It’s good that we got a fast boat and returned in 1 hour otherwise we would have got bored I never travelled in such way I’m afraid of water We checked about the Thekkady tragedy before reaching here Poor quality life jacket Next we’re heading towards Kalaripayattu martial arts program in kadanthan kalari center This is a traditional martial arts in kerala Bollywood actress Parniti chopra practised this to stay fit as well Let’s check out the ticket rates Show starts at 6:00 P.M and time now is 5:45 P.M Ticket rate is 200 R.s per person at 7:00 P.M They host ‘Kadhakali’ but we’re running out of time as we’ve to reach our tent before it gets dark that’s fine, we’ll see Kamal haasan’s Kathakali dance in TV ‘Sarcasm’ action We’re lucky we had spare time to check out the ‘Kadhakali’ show as well If you are visiting with family then This show will keep you entertained Kalaripayattu is at its best in the climax It was superb It’s time to move to the next place it’s 7:45, the show goes until 8:00 but we left it in the middle Next the Final destination is tent

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  1. Since 1960s Thekkady hasn't changed ?

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