Pichavaram boating.mangrove forest.Pichavaram rowboat travel(malayalam travel video)(பிச்சாவரம் )

pichavaram.. is the world’s second largest mangrove forest Before you start explaining this place,its easy to understand this area by giving it a little hint,especially for malayalees… Mohanlal is a movie artist ,those who have seen it can never forget this place.The only malayalam movie to be shot here is ‘MANTHRIKAM’ If you travel by bus around 40 minutes from the city of Chidambaram, you can come to the Pichavaram Boat House The boating service of Tamil Nadu will bring you through the entire area If you want to travel and enjoy the comfortable and satisfying views of the place you need to pay a few things. First you must select the rowboat. Do not select motorboats in any way.. The motor boat will not go to the innerforest Moreover, the sound of the motor boat is a hindrance to the breathtaking spirit of the animals. choose to go around early in the morning,to certain extent you can save yourself from bright sunlight The ticket will start filling up at 8.30 am. It’s a good idea to have a cap or an umbrella. This journey will bring us to another world. We are once more aware of the importance of landmarks We are once more aware of the importance of landmarks…….. …..but we still need to know more about human sacrifice not only for human life, but also for other species The largest mangrove forest in the world is Sundarban in Bengal second is pichavaram…. We need to see and understand a place that is close to our environment Gopalettan is the one who is sailing the rowboat .He is from pichavaram itself tamilnadu . He has been working in this area since 26 years. What a silence. This is a special atmosphere where the sound of nature and the silence of man. There is no sound of man. Even the sounds of nature are a silence in the sounds. hear… see… The cry of the birds.. a lot of variety speicis birds mangrove forest…. The wonder of nature. In general the plants are rare in water. Is it a salt water? mangroves are commonly grown in muddy tropical conditions. It is important to know the rare nature of mangroves to get saline water and filter well into the water. There are 59 species of wood in India. Uppatti is the name given to a mangrove spiecies in Kerala. that’s what the specialty of the name is Uppatti the salt is being drained. That is why I said specifically about this. Particular role plays are being taken to keep the coastal community healthy and damaging. And that’s a great way of relaxing for many rare spiecies The mangrove birds are a rare biodiversity conservation, with the exception of migratory birds, regular birds, mongoose… ., crabs,prawn,river otter, water snakes, and swarmed fish. Karimin and Tilipia. Birth of mangroves the birth of mangroves is very interesting. Sprouting from the top of the seed tree, the vegetation is propagated by falling into the mud below the bottom of the tree. This is the breeding method for mammals its a blessing given by nature… Naturally, these plants are producing enough medications for skin and stomache and some cancers. Observations also play a role in preventing natural disasters such as storm tsunami. After learning about the tragedy of the tsunami, more people are trying to understand and learn about it Organic and inorganic chemicals, as part of modernization and industrial development …… have been responsible for the growth of coastal industries….. ….. causing many chemicals to cause destruction of some rare species The protection of mangrove forest is a great service we do for the coming generations. With ignorance we destroy the life of man not only the life of other species. We need to save the mangrove forests for life for the coming generation

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