Ping Pong Secrets with Loud Luxury

( music playing )What’s up, guys?
We’re Loud Luxury. And we’re about to play
a game of ping-pong. We’re about to go on tour,
and, uh, I don’t know if we can fit
one of these in a bus. I did play a little bit
of squash with my dad
back in the day, but that clearly
hasn’t translated. Whoever gets a point,
I guess tells a secret. – About the other person?
– Yeah, let’s go. – All right, let’s do it.
– ( laughter ) So do I get to drop a secret?
Oh. – ( laughing )
– All right. All right. It’s a fake-out.
Andrew never used to wash
his hands after going to the bathroom
back in the day. – Totally untrue.
– He wants a free one. I forgot once and he’s never
let me live it down. – Oh.
– Uh-oh. Joe is deathly afraid
of spiders. Like, he literally makes me
kill them for him. Like, he’ll be in his room
and be like, “Andrew!” In all fairness,
we had black widows at our house
in L.A., – and that’s not a fun time.
– There’s not black widows
in California. Oh! Andrew likes to read
in his spare time. Hey, books. Hey, everyone,
we’re Loud Luxury. Thank you again
for joining us. Thank you for joining us.
We’ll see you at the next
festival.Peace out.( music playing )

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