Power Switch | Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Movie Clip

Johnny? Johnny, are you okay? l don’t know. I’ve been feeling really
strange since my run-in with surfer boy. Maybe we should get you checked out. -Why did you do that?
-l didn’t do anything! Stop, drop and roll!
Stop, drop and roll! Oh, my God, Sue! Just– Just hang on! I’ll get you, okay? Flame on! Hey, watch it. Reed! Reed! Reed! -Help!
-Sue? I’m on fire! -Sue! What’s going on?
-I’m on fire! -You’re on fire!
-You think? -Hold on!
-Pull me in! Hey, it’s the Human Torch! Johnny! -I’m not Johnny!
-Sue, how did this happen? l touched Johnny, and then this. -Where is Johnny?
-Here. Try it again. -Nice.
-There you go. Hey, get out of there. Sue, your clothes. Why does this always happen to me? All of Sue’s results are normal. But Johnny’s…. Johnny’s are what? Your encounter with the Surfer put your
molecules in a constant state of flux. ls that bad? lt caused you to temporarily
switch powers with Sue. -I’d like to run more tests and–
-Want a volunteer? -No, no, hey!
-No, no, no! No, no, hey! This is serious! l just wanted to give him a hug. We don’t know the extent
of his condition. lt could be progressive. -lt could be fun.
-No, Ben! Ben! Hey. Hey, it’s me! I’m back! Oh, my God! Come on!
We just said this is serious! Oh, yeah, serious. Oh, you gotta be kidding me! -Hey, not bad.
-Incredible. -You better be able to fix this!
-I’m right on it. -Ben, stop it!
-l see why you like that. Oh, no, no, no. Crap. That’s not funny. What am l
supposed to do in the meantime? Just try to keep
your distance from us. You and me are gonna be spending
a whole lot of time together, pal!

100 thoughts on “Power Switch | Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007) Movie Clip”

  1. I didn't know Cap was Human Torche but looking back he looks so young and less bulky just normal standard muscle build man
    and now Captain America I vote for instead of Human Torch because his role as Cap A is more tougher, braver, even more of a Cap'n

  2. The true reason this happens to Sue is because your the unlucky one in the team. Your always too emotional and too needy.

  3. The Invisible Women ♀ is so sexy 😍 naked. And the power switch with The Human Torch 🔦 and the thing. It's like what happened in Phineas And Ferb Mission Marvel.

  4. One thing these movie did right keep it light hearted cheesy fun tone of these films. Fantastic 4 are not brooding dark depressing heroes. They are bunch of science nerds who got powers and family I hope in mcu this is how fantastic 4 are shown

  5. As bad as these two movies were, you can kind of almost forgive them especially when you see what came much later in 2015's hot pile of garbage, at least when you look back at these you got the sense that they tried to make an effort with the apperances and costumes with their budget. As far i'm concerned "that reboot" doesn't exist to me and these are the only two i acknowledge.

  6. Marvel really puts faith on him, that they decide to give him a chance to become one of the most memorable heroes in MCU now

  7. The fantastic can change powers by touching them???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. A refined version of this power swap would be Immensely useful, especially if one of them fell on duty, could send their power to another.

  9. It’s weird how Chris Evans played 2 characters from the same franchise and comics

  10. These 2 movies were full of scenes without any weight. 50% of both movies were scenes that didn't further the plot at all. Thank god for Iron Man 2008

  11. Seeing as to how many times Johnny has made fun of Ben and poked at his size and looks, it was nice to see Ben get a little bit of revenge on Johnny.

  12. Sue: I'M ON FIRE!
    Reed: YOUR ON FIRE!
    Sue: YOU THINK?!
    Me: 🥴😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😵💀

  13. It isn't until later in the film that Richards and Storm swap, I'd have liked that clip included with this one.

  14. Those people are complete knobheads…why wouldn’t they try and help her instead of taking pictures?!?!?!?!?

  15. Still annoys me how they use Invisible Woman in these films. If she were portrayed differently, with maybe a different casting, then these would have all been spot on

  16. Despite the film being bad I think they got the family aspect right. This is how it should be. Not unnecessarily dark.

  17. I remember when people were calling this movie bad… then the reboot came and suddenly this movie doesn’t seem so bad

  18. Jessica Alba is the worst bitchy actress who ruined Fantastic 4 from the start…thank Lord Marvel didnot hire her in any of the Avengers

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