100 thoughts on “Pro Snowboarder Scotty James Breaks Down Snowboarding Scenes from Movies | GQ Sports”

  1. Crazy synchronicity lately everything seems to be pointing to snowboard in my life. Carry on…

  2. 4:16 Says the scores aren't right because they are out of 100, but he also said she didn't do tricks so maybe she got 7's out of 100 XD

  3. 13:04 she’s actually doing an Indy Grab right there. That‘s pretty „in Control“ for being out of control while accidentally flying through the air…

  4. this dude is really likeable!!
    also it would be really helpful if GQ put all the breakdown videos into the playlist

  5. My first days of snowboarding were mostly painful falls on my bottomparts. On day 3 i stuffed a cushion into my pants 😅 after that it got better, probably because i was more relaxed trying.

  6. Well, he actually named the frontside – and back side turn wrong though. Frontside turn is when youre on youre heel edge, and backside turn is when youre on your toe edge :S 12:42

  7. Only watched this video because I'd hoped A View To A Kill would feature. Glad to see it did. It was the first time a snowboard had been seen in a (major) film after all.

  8. 20:25 "We don't walk sideways like this" … *does impression simultaneously. LMFAO somebody please tell me this killed you too!!!! hahhahahaha

  9. @Scotty James, is actually got a good balance of precise and funny answers for this interview.

    Just in case anyone was curious about the Snowboarding section in the Bond film, the rider was Steve Link, and the board used was a Sims 1500 I think.🧐

  10. He's proves Snowboarders are capable of explaining in detail.+ That Johnny Tsunami ref. EPIC! I will watch on repeat ,thanks GQ

  11. Easy to say when you get free Prizms. The weather seal in the lens is trash, the replacements cost as much as a new pair, ans their costumer service is straight GARBOO. Oakley sucks.

  12. So cloud 9’s mini halfpipe was at Brighton, I shredded it prolly like 2010 maybe… we hit the Johnny Tsunami log all the time

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