Punjabi in Astana | Couchsurfing | Burabay | Indian in Kazakhstan | Travel Vlog

after five days of slumber she’s
finally got me out of the house she wants to run I don’t. I will just be sitting
around in some corner while she runs so today I landed in Astana and straight
away I am here.. which place is it Nurlan ? burabay.. lake
but right now we’re climbing how many keys do you have in there okay so after five days of slumber like
I did not do anything for the last five days and today morning she was like I’m
going to run you should also come..I said okay and in two days I’m going back to like
not going back to like I’m going to Almaty because the project I was here
for Kazakhstan tourism that is postponed so I will not be doing it and there’s not much to do here in
Astana so I’ll just go to Almaty and from there I can go to some national
park or something not figured it out yet but it’s better to go to Almaty and then
just stay in Astana it’s already been a week in Astana so I leave on Monday
today is Friday so so this is where I was living in Astana nice big room and another room another room it’s a sad song use you’re not
supposed to laugh it’s a sad song Punjabi Song playing on the laptop why is he so cruel I don’t understand where is the revenge showing her the song again okay today is my last day here in Astana
I am with Alina from Germany she’s staying in my hostel and she’s doing all
the stans. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan .. last time I was here I took
some drone shots but I missed some of the buildings so today I’m just going to
take the shots for those buildings and then I’ll be completing my Astana
video After spending 8 days in Astana and doing nothing I’m
finally going to Almaty today I still don’t have any plans what I’ll be doing
in Almaty and I have around 17 days before I fly back to India but I’ll
figure something out what to do. I have friends there so but I hope that I’ll be going
to some new places near almaty like two or three day trips so it’s just this is
just one and a half hour flight from Astana and I’ll be staying in a hostel
for today and then I’ll figure out what to do next

38 thoughts on “Punjabi in Astana | Couchsurfing | Burabay | Indian in Kazakhstan | Travel Vlog”

  1. Nice vlog…and do nothing?! Kyun bhaiya, this video bahut acha Lekin tumhara hairy leg on 1:40 is so hahaha😎😂sorry Bhai

  2. i like the format of the vlog, it's different, more oriented towards showing us the places you're visiting instead of rambling with your face plastered throughout the video and providing with a running commentary on everything. i reckon you're a photographer.

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