hello and compliments of the season a
couple of days ago I came back from an epic road trip
probably a once-in-a-lifetime trip it was honestly incredible I visited about
eight national parks in the USA Yosemite massive Verde Grand Canyon Sequoia
National Park to name a few I did a vlog of parts of the trip so I am going to be
making some art videos in relation to that another thing I did when I was in
the USA was visit so many art stores I kind of remember how many art stores I
went to last Thursday I think four I went to a Art Depot which was pretty
much dedicated to bob ross i went to a blick art store I went to Michael’s and
I went to another one which I can’t remember the name of I also went to a
little independent art store in Denver I didn’t have my camera to vlog but it was
the cutest store I’ve ever been in in my life
it had a whole section dedicated to fairies and forest creatures and like a
big tree and from there I picked up some rainbow mechanical pencils because I’ve
never seen mechanical pencils in different colors so I got some of those
and I also got this rainbow set or fountain pens because one of the
podcasts we listened to on the road trip was all about handwriting made me
realize how much I love calligraphy and handwriting I write the best when I have
fountain pens and these ones a rainbow so all of a son is here in consistent
lighting for this video where do I begin right let’s start with the first store I
went see the Bob Ross store I’m calling it the Bob Ross dog did it ring our name
it was just like big art Depot something and it was in Anaheim I went there with
Chloe after VidCon it’s literally so much stuff here I have no idea what to
buy I kind of want some of those watercolor brush pens I’m sure there
have something like that here I’m gonna plug my friend Chloe because
she is awesome I love her so much if you happen to have stayed around on my
channel and stuck with me since like the beginning you will know that Chloe was
the first person I did a collab with I don’t know how she found me but she
found me and I love her so much and we’re friends to this day check her out
she’s amazing I love her so much hilarious this is what I got from the
Bob Ross art store I got this water brush pen because I don’t have one of
these I’m so curious how is this different to a paintbrush is it better I
see so many youtube artists painting of these so I’m gonna give wanna go a quash
it’s called a quarrel to brush by Pentel pencil are pretty good I’ve got a few of
their pens it’s also been a really long time since I’ve allowed myself to buy
new brushes so I’m gonna treat myself to some new detail brushes hello Chloe why
I’m thinking something along the lines of this little number I don’t really
like buying animal hair brushes because that’s just a bit weird I got some paint
brushes and fine tip now I saw this pen and this remind me of my friend Abi
because she’s got one of these and it’s so good for scrapbooking and doing
writing and outlining with I don’t even know how to pronounce that exert a take
exert it’s got an axe in it anyway it’s called the wink of Stella brush pen and
I got it in sparkly violet they have colored sculpey here
okay so sculpey polymer clay is like so much better than fimo no offence FiMo
got me some sculpey and because I haven’t seen this in a store for a while
and I got some special colors this is sculpey accents this has got glitter in
it especially as halloween is coming up i can do some little creatures so so
this is my first time in a u.s. art store and frankly I’m a little
overwhelmed there’s so much stuff here they have jelly roll I love jelly roll
it’s my favorite gel pen look how many colors they have oh my god they have
metallic thing is I have so many pens but I mean
can you ever have enough pens I got more pens surprised including this why it’s
gel pens this is the univille signo I’ve really struggled to find a good white
gel pen and lots of my art friends when I was in the store recommended me this I
also got another one of these Tombo brush pens I think this is the same one
as I already have if so I’m happy it’s really hard to tell because it’s in
Japanese but I think it’s the same one I picked up one color of a critic gosh
goache gwosh? goch? gwarsh. gosh GOAUCHE there’s too many vowels in that
word well I’m just gonna call it gouache. gouache. I got some acrylic
gouache in one color white and I wish that I had picked up the whole say I
guess I can mix it with my inks this color too pigment it and try different
shades I also went to a blick art store okay I’m in my second u.s. art store and
this is blick art in San Francisco and I gotta say these are so much better than
the UK art stores not gonna lie the only thing I got in that store was these Bob
Ross mints happy little mints I haven’t even opened these bad boys yet three
bucks worth it there was this guy in there that was I don’t know if he was
trying to chat me up that he pretty much took my camera off me
and started logging for me and I was like no thank you
and I got some of this Mod Podge because I want to try this out in terms of
varnishing paintings it’s just glue I believe glue and finish
what’s base sealer I haven’t seen this in the UK I know it’s pretty much just
PVA but I do want to compare it as a finisher slash gloss on my painting
after the blick in San Francisco I went to Michael’s they had a very good
Halloween section in Michael I couldn’t like take back any of the Halloween
stuff that I wanted to buy it was just too big for my suitcase and as much as I
wanted to fill my suitcase with Halloween
I couldn’t so all I got was this tape it’s such a perfect full-color though
look at that we love some myristic orange gingham these little plaques
would actually make really cute DIYs I love you more than pumpkin everything
there might be a pun for in love do I need a jojo’s bow $10 Jojo bow
hmm I kind of like this one I got me some wood for little paintings I’ve
never painted on wood that’s an exciting activity for us all shout out to those
awkward people that pick them all off of the rap to choose the best one I’m
getting this one yes I’m putting them back don’t you worry I’m a good citizen
didn’t put them back in the right order though chaotic good oh they have so much
sculpey more colors even more colors than that Bob Ross art store hmm it took
me a long time to choose which paper that I wanted for scrapbooking I ended
up going with this because it had so many different colors in when I do
scrapbooking I generally theme each page by color so I’ll do like a yellow halo
page I can use it as some backgrounds in my scrapbook did any of you guys do
scrapbooking I feel like it’s a dying art I know that there’s lots of
scrapbook channels on YouTube but I don’t know is it a common hobby oh I
don’t want to see the receipt oh yeah I got some Halloween stickers too I got
some sunflowers and some fruit and last but not least as
great things come in small packages I got this tiny paint kit this is for me
to carry around in case I get the overwhelming desire to pay look at this
the actual paint itself is like smaller than my fingernail it’s so cute
hobby craft is probably the best UK art store we had there’s also Cass arts but
generally I find Cass arts be more expensive than hobby craft in terms of
comparison u.s. definitely has a way better arts dolls
I still go in there and I feel like same sensation I get when I’m in a book shop
and it’s like there’s so many different worlds all around me I don’t know which
world to dive into today with an art store it’s
like there’s so many opportunities you know opportunities to create make
conjure attempted to get one of these just so I can live my Bob Ross dream mmm
don’t wanna be Bob Ross yes I did buy this pallete so I can be Bob Ross now
I got these scissors because who needs straight scissors I got these because I already have straight scissors and you need a
variation welcome to cool girl I think these craft paper sets for scrapbooking
are a better value here only slightly though and I do prefer these choices
like this is so cute on Nelly Furtado watching I don’t know where my hole is
I’m so tempted to get this one it’s like tickets and maps I ended up getting a
smaller version of said Travel deco paper because it was half the price I
kind of want this ink just because there’s a frog on it and I relate I
think I’m just going to get a white I am tempted to get a special white I wonder
if this would be nice per lesson these are the colors that I went with in the
end I went with a white pearlescent and antelope Brown this is kind of like a
wart more watery version of acrylic and also I mix them with water and that is my US vs. UK art store haul
thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed watching this and you are
inspired to create something yourself and I will see you guys next time

35 thoughts on “RAIDING ART SUPPLY STORES: American vs British!”

  1. I love fountain pens! I've got one with a cartridge converter so I can use bottle inks. I want one like that but with a brush nib. I haven't tried the water brushes. I kind of want to but I feel like I wouldn't have as much control on how much water I'm putting down, but maybe I'm wrong. Also it annoys the hell out of me that there isn't more synthetic options for certain types of brushes. I want a nice quill brush that isn't sable or blue squirrel.

  2. wait you didnt tell us to subscribe. what kind of youtube channel is this? i need to be told this every video for no reason

  3. Ahhhh my husband used to work at an art supply store in orange county. Painting on wood is my favorite thing. I think "Hannah in stores" should be a thing. I definitely journal/scrapbook

  4. I kinda wish I had the impulse to buy tons of art supplies, but since I do mostly digital art now, all my traditional stuff is backpiled so I have no need to buy more XD

    Lovely video btw, glad you had a good time in America πŸ˜€

  5. i use water brush pens and i love them. to me theyre way better than normal paint brushes and theyre easy to clean and use :3

  6. US art stores look so much better than the ones here! I've never done scrapbooking and don't k ow much about it, would l I ve to see a video from you about it!


    me mother: wtf why?


  8. I don’t know where my hole is πŸ˜‚
    I always find that uk art stores are SO expensive, would you say the us ones are cheaper in general?

  9. Hannah honey! Gouache is pronounced 'goo-ash' πŸ˜„β€ I loveloveLOVED this video. Made me wanna grab my scrapbook and pop to my local stationery store (hobbycraft) tomorrow πŸ˜—
    Stay sunny, cute and lovely 🌻

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