Raja Ampat Sea Turtles | Scuba Diving

Turtles are ocean nomads which are threatened globally and are in need of urgent protection. Soft corals and sponges are an important part of the turtle’s diet. Most of the turtles were not disturbed by our presence. Remoras and Turtles have a commensalism relationship. Commensalism is a relationship between species in which one benefits and the other is unaffected. There are two species of turtles commonly found Raja Ampat: green and hawksbill turtles It’s now prohibited to kill turtles anywhere in Raja Ampat. Sea turtles cannot retract their head, legs, and arms into their shells, like other turtles. Sea Turtles can stay underwater for as long as five hours. Its narrow, pointed beak helps it pull prey such as sponges from tight spaces in a coral reef. It’s common to find sea turtles sleeping under ledges in reefs and rocks. Sea Turtle Feeding and nesting grounds must be protected!

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