Randy’s Snowboarding Injury and Recovery

I got injured in April, April 5th of 2014, I
was just coming down a run and it was like an access road, and the run would
still continue down so I ended up just kind of tail pressing across the the
road there and I ollied off it. Coming down the other side, there was a
skier standing and he was right in the middle of the run and I crashed into him.
So we did a MRI and it turned out that your patellar tendon was the only
thing holding my leg together. I had to wait like two or three weeks for the swelling to go down. Actually it was 18 days before my surgery. I
was pretty down in the dumps. When Dr. Demers told me that I would,
before anything, that I would be able to snowboard again and she brought me to
tears. Dr. Drummers contacted me, needed to get
the edema down so that she could operate. Once we were able to accomplish
that, she informed me she was going to fix all the ligaments in his knee. Being
early 40s and athlete she decided that best approach was to reconstruct his
knee. To be able to have an operation like this for Randy and have him
returned to everything he likes doing is just incredible. Working with Derek was good we had a lot of fun you know I look forward to seeing him twice a week
when I was down in the dumps. I never had met him before and I can honestly
say I have a friend for life. It’s always humbling to have an injury like this and
to have to go through the operation and and so any advice for people going
forward it was something like this would just be to stay positive stay encouraged, does get better, time does heal. I just want to thank Dr. Demers for
having the faith in me to not do a full knee replacement and repair my leg.
Having confidence that I can handle the pain and all the rehab to get back to
doing what I love doing. So thank you Dr. D. I appreciate it you’re my hero.

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