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Big or small,
life is full of surprises
and can change in an instant.Joe: With those things in mind,
I have two questions for you. One, are you ready for
the opportunity of a lifetime? And, two, how many of you
have seen the movie “Rat Race”? Is that the one
with Mr. Bean? -Oh, and Whoopi?
-Yeah. -And Jon Lovitz.
-Scott Evil. Yeah, yeah, yeah,
and that Monty Python guy. Yes, yes, it’s got
all of those people. Anyhow… Uh, does this movie
have subtitles, Joe? I forgot my glasses. No. We won’t be watching
the film “Rat Race.” You remember that part
where the cow is hanging from the hot-air balloon
by the rope? And then Cuba crashes the bus
with all the I Love Lucys in it. [ Laughs ]
Oh, man. Yes, yes.
It is a wild adventure. And let me explain. Yesterday morning,
I drove up to Copper Harbor and placed $115 cash
inside of a small locker. Inside these envelopes are the
exact coordinates of that locker and the key to open it. Whoever gets there first
wins the cash. And, um… …there are no rules.

44 thoughts on “Rat Race | Joe Pera Talks With You | adult swim”

  1. Oh Rat Race! Yes I absolutely LOVE that movie! Remember the part where they sung the song? “Rats, we’re rats🐀 We’re the rats. 🐀 We pray at night, we stalk at night, we’re the rats 🐀 I’m the giant rat 🐀 that makes all of the rules. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into.”

  2. Glad they filed that during the summer. You don't want to drive to Cooper Harbor in the winter. If you do, better have 4 wheel drive.

  3. "There are no rules."

    The priest then immediately pulls out a revolver and quietly says to himself "forgive me lord" as he begins shooting.

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