Rebuilding Oldest Skatepark!

Got it Oh God Now Before we move forward with this video I do want to clarify one thing if you’d like to skip forward you can just get bored at this time right here to watch the actual bills I would appreciate if you guys did listen to this portion of the video so that we can avoid some of the Unnecessary comments later on now, none of us have any experience in working with cron Creek at all I’ve never built a ramp with concrete. No, the kids have ever worked with concrete the only thing that I have ever done with concrete is laid it down flat which is a Thousand times easier than putting a curve to it I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when we started this project but it turned out to be a Lot of fun and we did what we could to make this spot better before we got ahold of this spot It was nearly unraidable you could ride about a six-inch spa on that entire quarter pipe for a take-off and if you landed on any of the cracks You’re either going over your bars or doing everything you possibly could to stay on your scoot So pretty much this spot was unrideable for a scooter rider unless you jumped off the top of the highway Which is unsafe already the whole purpose of this video was to try to make it at least Somewhat rideable for a scooter rider now. None of us are professionals at building any kind of ramps whatsoever Not even when it comes to a wood one I will and build a few wooden ramps in my lifetime But I would like to learn how to build ramps with concrete better and the only way to get better at that is to start So that’s what we did. We rolled the dice. Hope for the best and that’s what this entire video is about It’s not a how-to video. It’s not like what you guys should do. It’s none of that it’s just a project with that being said I do hope that you guys enjoy watching us do our best and Resurfacing this quarter pipe you shout out to Tito Jess and Brandon for helping out If you guys won’t go check them out on Instagram. That’s their instance They all donated all their time into trying to get this work so Go give them a follow right now If you guys are interested at the end of the day this ended up being a lot of fun and I think it served for a really good video It’s just something that’s a little bit different here on the channel and it does have to do with scootering But again, go ahead and sit back relax and enjoy the video Today is an extremely special day. Today. We’re out here at Madison ditch. We have all of our supplies and today we are Rebuilding this corner. That is right We have been riding this quarter or at least I have the past 10 plus years This thing has been here like that’s ever since I have remembered coming down here this been here We have these quarters over here. Hopefully we have enough supplies to get over to those mainly working on this one today I got Brando Tito and Jess here So make sure you guys go follow them on Instagram because they’re out here donating their time To help out to get this thing running Hopefully we can make this another six spot to make the community stoked on it again because they are definitely not because of the condition That it is in first things first. We gotta clean this place up We got to make sure that this entire quarter pipe has essentially no dirt on it We’re not gonna be able to have absolutely none. But we’re gonna do our best to get all of it off We’ve got a bunch of cameras here today. We have a bunch of concrete to make sure we can get this done So without further ado, let’s get started because this is gonna take a while Here we go. Put in the hard work about to puncture a bag of concrete get a brand out. You got this There you go, Brando. How’d it go? School project and I forgot a very important ingredient Probably the most convenient thing about this spot is here’s the ditch Here’s home depot. That’s pretty damn convenient We need to find Portland mix concrete. Let’s go this way and see if we can find it inside walking around Yeah, I’m a youtuber too Oh There’s things not like she’s pushed wait, let me get that tractor real quick. Let me get that Let me get let me get not sure you have the funny part is I don’t have to hand this to you over the pants Ready got it Yeah, I’m gonna become a professional bodybuilder Ladies and gentlemen, three two one action All right so we’re gonna pour the glue onto the quarter to make sure that the concrete sticks while we do that Tito is over here cleaning off these quarter pipes just In case we do have extra and he’s making a mess Now have a bucket of polymer modified structural repair we have for like a shovel full of that sector Yes, you know Nope. Don’t need a shovel We got Brando and Jeff’s mixing this up right now to do is doing nothing at the moment. I don’t anything to do We’re waiting for the glue Baron brando’s be in the mix right now. We’re getting closer and closer we need this to be like Almost like a cake better consistency before we can put it on we might have put a little bit too much water on there But that’s not that big of a deal because pretty hard out here right now Anyway, so too much water just means it’ll probably dry Just be a little bit runny, but I’d rather it be a little tiny bit runny. They’re not running at all So that should be plenty and if we need to add some cement we can but we’re waiting for the glue to dry up Right now still like precious right it a little bit better because probably coming down from that hole cracked up area But let it go let it do its thing Actually, I’m gonna spread that just a little bit get a little bit there spread that out a little bit So I’ll hopefully dry a little bit faster. Not that we’re necessarily need it to but I don’t think it should look like really Runny like that to do don’t play no games ladies and gents. Look at my new seals for Put his hands in there and it’s again We are gonna start on the left side because that’s what we started with the glue shovel a mallet my shovel amount will take him over and try our best to spread it all around without it falling like like I said I have No experience and using concrete to make any ramps. This is like all of our first times doing this So hopefully it works but it’s looking like it might yeah flat bucks if you take a little tasty tasty No, don’t actually do it. No, you’re disgusting. You always do that Yeah, I know but I wasn’t serious any money the Tesla any money for your GTR I do any money for my GTRs – hey, give me ten bucks if I lick that. Okay, that’s GTR funds Yeah, I was gonna do that one ten bucks, yeah GTR fun right on the step for mankind yes Perfect thing’s gonna turn out good. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes Yes, yes, yes we’re getting further We’re probably about 20 percent of the baby maybe 25 percent of the way done not done, but at least finished with oh damn it As if you didn’t think you’re gonna come out here and get some coffee on your hands Do I have a million of those bottle bracelets five screws? Doc Holliday’s Newman. Make sure you go visit We still have a little bit more to go We still a lot of coffee to mix up justice over here about to put this one down go for Jason Seems to be sticking pretty well as well. So that’s even better So we’re gonna keep on going and we’ll come back when we’re about halfway done. Okay update We’re a little further than halfway. This sides looking pretty dry at this point We do have to try to get into the middle a little bit better because it is a little bit kind of ski wampie But what we started with which was this was ten times worse than what we have now And we’ve been doing our best to kind of get it smooth So pretty much this quarter pipe looked like this the entire way through except for the end So going from that to this I think we’re doing a pretty bang-up job especially for doing this one time ever mixing up a little bit more concrete right now to Get this last probably like 30 percent done ish and then we got to the bottom we gotta make sure this is smooth and we gotta get the top and McKenzie is bringing us cheeseburgers Thank You, Mackenzie. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. Yes. Yes Look at this go boys pretty close to finishing up. We’re trying to get the top and like kind of smoothed out We got just over here on the trowel Tito on that side. How you guys feeling so far? Like, how are you feeling? It’s been so far throughout the day pretty good. Pretty good. It’s been pretty quick. Yeah, we got out here What about nine o’clock right got here about nine o’clock started everything Right about 9:30 what I mean start I mean like actually pouring concrete and stuff like that. So we’re doing this for since 9:30 It’s about 12:30 Now three hours been right about three hours. Haven’t really taken any breaks but we’ve been Learning as a trial and error thing Since we started so we had a lot of bumps to deal with it is a little bit bumpy still I didn’t think it was gonna turn out. Absolutely. Perfect. Like I said, it’s turning out pretty good I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to ride it. They actually I know we’re not gonna be able to ride it today probably within the next two days we’ll be able to but we really want to let this thing drive but Success, so I just had a comp come up to me and he has called me over. He’s like, what are you doing? I told him exactly what we were doing I said, hey man were just like resurfacing this thing It’s been here for 15 plus years and he asked is like is that your car over there? I said yeah, he’s like cool. He left sounds really cool. I was awesome. So we’re free. We’re good to go Oh, we’re almost there, bro Just finishing this last little part which is like what would be considered like the tapering up to the quarter? I could not imagine building an entire skate park out of concrete now, it’s freaking whoa. We are officially done We are done. It turned out as good as we could have gotten it always like a professional level or anything but with the tools that we had as well as The setting that we had I think it turned out pretty freakin good with boys. And now there is one thing left to do. Yeah It’s a second yes. Yes boy Yes, Josh good at the top and there it is the final touch got my name brand o Tristan and Jess That’s cute boys one more high five we gotta get a picture front of this thing 239 five-and-a-half that’s it goes five full hours to do, but now we need to go celebrate

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  1. Just so everyone understands…This video was made just as a project. We are NOT experienced concrete workers. We just decided to give this a shot because there was no way we could make this quarter any worse. I do want to see this quarter rideable though, so if it turns out to be bad we will go back and revamp it again. Thanks for watching!

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