Its 9:30 pm I have purchased bread, butter & bananas for tomorrow’s breakfast Right now I am at Reckong Peo Bus Terminal I have confirmed my seat for early morning’s bus to Kaza Its 6:55 am I have come to the Bus Terminal from my rest house. Let me tell you about the performance of Jio mobile network coverage in this area Jio is doing good here in Reckong Peo. I didn’t face any problem I am going to catch the bus which leaves at 7 am for Kaza This is my bus The board mentions – Peo-Tabo-Kaza This is the only bus from Reckong peo to Kaza Despite of demand there is only a single bus as of now THOSE WHO DO NOT MANAGE TO GET SEATS HAVE TO HIRE PRIVATE TAXIS THE ROAD CONDITION IS ALSO NOT GOOD AFTER 6 PM, AS THE WIND STARTS BLOWING FAST … ROLLING STONES CONSTITUTE A GREAT DANGER TO THE ROAD TRAFFIC WE ARE COMING FROM SHIMLA WITHOUT A SEAT I think Administration should think about increasing bus service to Kaza, considering… considering the demand and traffic towards Spiti Kaza is administrative headquarters of Spiti and its also getting a popular among tourists If people won’t get public transport, they will be compelled to use taxis and private cars Although if you do not get a seat in a direct bus to Kaza… You can take a bus to Pooh or Sumdo and then change another bus for Kaza We are at a checkpost in Ribba. Labourers and Foreign tourists are registered here THESE ARE YESTERDAY’S NEWSPAPER. THEY GET TRANSPORTED LIKE THIS. Places in India like Lahaul-Spiti, Pangi, Ladakh, Andaman & Nicobar Islands are so remotely located… … they get delayed posts. These public buses are used to transport the post from these places. Even while applying for the Government jobs applicants based in these places get grace time to apply The Policeman was asking whether I am an Indian? This area cuts off from the rest of the world in winters The roads get buried under the heap of snow In 2001, when I was coming back from Ladakh to Manali, I saw the labourers who were helping … .. maintaining these roads were mainly from Bihar, Jharkhand and Nepal Actually, these roads are built and maintained by Border Roads Organisation These people work in very adverse condition and help us to stay connected I AM FROM GAYA, BIHAR I HAVE COME FROM MY HOME TO WORK HERE THERE ARE MANY OTHER PEOPLE FROM BIHAR SITTING IN THIS BUS Thanks to these people and engineers of BRO who are working today for our better tomorrow This is the first official break for breakfast.. We are in Spillow I am searching for Vegetarian Thukpa Non-veg Thukpa costs 40 Rs. Its 11 am. Almost after 4 hours we left from Reckong Peo. We are near Pooh There are many loops/bends at this place This looks like Gata loops which is between Manali and Leh


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