RED WHITE CHILE PEPPERS | Windsurfing Short Film

(in Czech)
I understand everything but you don’t understand shit Put the pinky cuppy with the fushy… …on your gead On what??? On your head. The cap with the fushy And the fushy is what? Fishy! But I dont have a fishy here! Not this one. The pink one The cap Aaa the cap! That’s really a difference!! Cup and cap, fuck me!! What happened? I busted my fuckin eardrum And now what? Now I have a cap Or a cuppy as the Czechs call it I even have a little fin up here Thats great man But you know it doesnt cover your ear? I know. I need to skew it a bit Yeah its gonna cover you perfect Now you’re a sick rapper Why is this cap pink? It’s the only one they had in the store Listen, put it on Youtube and all the rappers will rock this style Yo Wait, wait, wait…! You got the nose thing as well! Yeah, the laryngologist said water could also come thru the nose It comes with a gopro Fuck that hurts Fuck, I’m crying… Best regards for the laryngologist in Poland You dig, I’ll keep filming What an awesome idea! The only bad thing about windsurfing in Chile

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