Reliving Roller Skating

Katarina where are we going? Fun City Skate and Play? Yeah. Katarina: Which is um a skating rink from our youth. Rocky: Yes! The last time we were here we were in high school already too old and too uncool for this place. And we stumbled upon a grind line of preteens. So God knows what’s in store today. Rocky: I’m expecting the same again! Alright, let’s go. Katarina: Great Fun City Skate! (Fun City Sk8!) You could add… like.. like bad introducing credits, and you have to put 8 in each of our names somewhere. Raq8! Katarin8! *throwback 90s rap beat* It says its open 24 hours, but actually it only opens at 1 and we’re here at 12:50, so we have to wait. We were the first people here to skate. She asked us if we’re over 18 and I have a feeling it’s only gonna be kids, Not over 18. Not over 18… So the floors are carpeted as well as these walls. and it’s clear! Oh yeah, Katarina! And all the original paint- paintings are there still but they added carpet. The carpet on the wall is new. the carpet on the wall is new. Probably somebody got sued. Yeah… And that’s where we get our skates. These are new. These are fun. Oh-ho! Balls on the walls! Got my skates on. Katarina? They’re hard to put on. Their rentals, obviously. We don’t skate every day. We just lost ‘red light green light’ so hard! Like I was last. And we damaged our needs for nothing. Skating! Earlier I fell down on my butt really hard because my shoelaces went untied! *Loud song playing followed by lipsyncing* Katarina How was… our favorite skate place at the only skate place? It’s good. We learned new dance moves. Did we? Yeah. Did we not? I learned new dance moves! What? The slow skate. We didn’t learn the slow skate!!! We saw someone else do the slow skate! The slow skate, it turns out…is exactly what it sounds like. But you skate backwards. Hmm. I actually didn’t learn anything, it turns out. We’re finished with the skate rink. We emerged from our technicolor nightmare. *laughing* into the read world. It really… oh, it’s windy. Oooo. Wind mic. Despite basically zero renovations *laugh* It’s been it’s been that way for… Since we were at least in middle school. I think they did a revamp in middle school. Yeah, I was different Yeah It was different. They added some stuff but it has been exactly the same since then. When we came here nobody was here. But now the parking lot is full and someone was waiting to take our spot. That’s how packed it was. Yeah, full of people not our age. If we were gonna get kicked out of that one game we played, red light green light, and damaged our knees. I thought I would claim a young looking child. and try to pass off as a mom. *laughing* I though I could maybe make it work. I have a maternal aura. (Yeah) I was bad enough at that game to be a mom. *laughing* It was hard! Red light green light was hard! I don’t know how to use the breaks on my… skates. *laughing* We don’t even know the terminology The wheely shoes! *laughing* That’s it for hanging out with Katarina. She’s like one of my original best friends and I only get to see her once a year. I’m really glad we got to go rollerskating. I love roller skating, although I kind of suck at it. But maybe when I’m back in Kazakhstan, I’ll do ice skating, which I dislike more. Hopefully my skating continues! See you in the next video! Bye! SCHOOP!

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